“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela


My blog has become an integral part of my week, it’s my baby.  I love writing it and I relish taking my daily life, what I do, what I see, where I go, and figuring out how I can apply it to epilepsy because, quite frankly, it’s out there!  There are so many correlations between life and epilepsy.  There’s purple everywhere (as my social media sites will have recently shown you!), and it serves as a reminder that just as the color is everywhere, so are the human beings that live with seizures.

It is always a blessing when advocacy and the epilepsy related blog sites get acknowledged.  There are such fantastic blogs out there and what I find astonishing is just how different each and every one is.  They’re completely personal to the creator and there are so many perspectives in which to experience living with epilepsy from.

With mine, whether it’s comments or purely the fact that it reaches people globally, it gives me the feeling of satisfaction that I’m advocating and reaching out to share my experiences which could be of help to somebody else.

Having created Finding Freedom with Epilepsy just over three years ago, it’s heart warming that this blog is getting so much positive recognition from both readers as well as external sources.  I’m being offered more writing opportunities by a variety of websites which enables my online advocacy to travel far and wide, fulfilling its purpose.

It was an exciting prospect when the Epilepsy Association of Emilia Romagna (AEER) in Italy contacted me and asked whether I would like to be one of six bloggers writing for their new project, United Blogs Against Epilepsy.  My answer was a definite, YES!

I will be writing once a month on a specific subject.  This is a great challenge to make me think outside the box and to hopefully provide even more information for my followers on FFWE too.

The page has now gone live and all pieces are published in English and Italian plus Google do a fine job of translating the site if you’re not fluent in Italian!!

The key to getting the word out there, the stigma reduced and people educated is working together.  Thank you for all the support, we’re all crushing it and we’re doing it together!

Check out United Blogs Against Epilepsy at: 



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