Quote of the Day

02-lena-dunham-w245-h368Love her or hate her, Lena Dunham is a passionate advocate for political issues, women’s rights, the LGBT community and has made a significant impression on society as a whole.

I admire her gumption, and boy does she have plenty of it, for opening up about taboo subject matter, her non conformist attitude to her shape (both relieving and refreshing), the people who show such hatred towards her and her daily struggles such as OCD and food.

It is a blessing to hear from someone who shouts from the rooftops about these issues and who doesn’t outwardly care what other people think of her.  She makes herself accessible to be understood and is relatable to both young and old.

I received her book as a Christmas gift and am a few pages away from finishing.  As I was on the bus this morning, I read a quote which stood out and is so applicable to my attitude towards dealing with seizures and epilepsy. Synchronicity is a strong belief for me and reading or seeing things which support that I’m on the right path breeds gratitude. This is particularly helpful at the moment as my seizures are just relentless and exhausting, I find it of great comfort.

“The most terrifying aspect of human health is our refusal to take steps to help ourselves and the fact we are so often responsible for our own demise through lack of positive action.”

Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham


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