The Unexpected Story of the Daisy Duke’s – Part II


Part I of this post ended with my joyous eating epiphany.

Finally, with the impetus to change, I got home with a new sense of determination.  It was a feeling I’d been longing for but just couldn’t find within myself.

In my excitement, I began to think about the new things I could eat and drink: cheese, whole milk, cream (although in specific amounts and healthy fats) and butter.  With a food plan, predominantly high in protein and fat, it meant I would have to significantly increase my vegetable intake in order to supplement the fiber I wasn’t receiving from legumes and other high carb veggies.

There are many versions of high fat, high protein, low carb diets.  In fact, I don’t like the word diet, it has negative connotations for me.  It possesses an indication that there is something wrong with someone who needs to ‘diet’. There is so much negative media stereotyping how men and women ‘should’ look.  The word ‘diet’ reflects and endorses that if you’re not naturally skinny then you have some physical defect.  WRONG!  I believe that however you choose to eat is a lifestyle.  Everyone’s body and the way it functions is unique.  Whether you’re following a vegetarian, vegan, ketogenic, blood type, Atkins or paleo way of eating, you’ll find what works best for you.

My experience with the ketogenic diet in regards to my epilepsy was unfortunately not a success.  I adhered strictly to the plan, measuring my food and eating no more than 15mg (upped to 25mg) of carbohydrate per day.

It materialized that the small amount of carbohydrate I was consuming didn’t work well for me and my digestive system.  I needed more carbs/fiber but that would have compromised the intended purpose.  However, that being said it did wonders for many other aspects of my health.  I became aware of issues I didn’t know I had because they disappeared.  My skin was like porcelain, I had no dandruff, I had bags more energy, no gas, the rings round my eyes improved as did my body odor and I lost weight.  My herbalist at the time who was overseeing the process, had informed me that this way of eating removes excess body fat and you return to your natural weight.

Weight gain regarding food combining begins with carbohydrate, dairy and sugar.  Sugar in its own right is documented as a poison as well as being highly addictive. and

Add to the pot carbohydrates and dairy and you have an unhealthy combination.  The body naturally burns carbohydrates first and fat afterwards.  If you’re not exercising enough and/or eating in excess and your body is unable to burn both, the fat is simply stored.

Back to the present.  With the information and experience from last time, I knew I would need to get my carbohydrate intake just right.  I couldn’t overeat or it would clash with the fat level, so I found my carbs in healthy fats such as milk and yoghurt.

I started the food change last November.  What was astounding to me after three days of eliminating sugar and carbohydrate was I felt like all my joints had been oiled.  I could move so easily!  Previously, I had particularly noticed lethargy when running up the stairs.  Now I could practically sprint without being out of breath.  I finally felt healthy.

Over the coming weeks, I saw the changes.  Weight slowly evaporating, my food cravings and constant hunger disappeared and that ‘full’ feeling vanished.

I did find that I needed to tweak a few bits as time went by and I needed to make my meals more exciting.  So, on that note, being well and truly into the New Year, my new addition to this blog will be sharing recipes which are low carb/ketogenic and absolutely delicious!  Tried and tested, I will be documenting successful ingredients that are suitable to use as keto substitutes, the mistakes (!) I’ve made during the recipes and general alternative options.

So, if you’re low carb, sticking to the ketogenic diet, have a nut allergy or just want a change from the norm, watch this space for delicious and inspiring treats, snacks and easy meals!




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