Show Us Your Game Face!



With the Superbowl fast approaching, whether or not you’re a football fan, I reach out to everyone.

Jerry Kill who is fronting the above campaign in both raising awareness and fundraising for epilepsy, is a previous American college football player.  Throughout his career, he was head coach for a number of universities, the most recent being University of Minnesota and with great success.

Kill, who suffers from epilepsy, after experiencing multiple seizures over the years on the sideline, in October 2015, he decided to step down from his position to focus on his health.

That being said, he now holds the role of offensive coordinator at Rutgers University. With a significant amount of charity work behind him, he founded the Coach Kill Cancer Fund foundation, he continues campaigning and is currently focusing on raising awareness for epilepsy.

The ‘Show Your Game Face’ is awaiting a $26,000 donation to the Epilepsy Foundation of America.  In support of that, to raise awareness, as we’re all well acquainted with the selfie craze which has swept the nation, take your ‘game face’ picture, any picture will do it doesn’t have to be football related, and post it on as many social media networks as you have with the hashtag #Tackleepilepsy and share with friends.

The photograph is in support of the donation and it is associated with raising awareness. By tagging friends the awareness is spread and more people will acknowledge this underfunded, unaccepted but highly prevalent condition.

Every day next week, I will be posting pictures of friends and their game faces on my blog and social media who are supporting the cause.

I would ask that you not just ‘like’ the picture, but actively be a part of the movement and take YOUR picture and post it on your sites.  By doing that we will be reaching people far and wide and that will be an incredible accomplishment for those suffering with epilepsy both directly and indirectly.





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