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Not being a huge fan of the phrase ‘New Year’s resolutions’, I prefer to think of it as positive change which one can realistically aspire to.

Stepping into 2017, I like the thought of facing fear.  Fear so often rears its ugly head when we step out of our comfort zone.  I for one have an extremely cosy comfort zone and have spent many years decorating it.  I have put lusciously comfy chairs which you can lose yourself in, there is artwork, inviting lighting along with incense and candles burning. Why would I want to leave that?!

Well, there comes a time when you need more than that space, a change.  Perhaps different artwork, I might want to alter the lighting or generally make my comfort zone bigger and that’s the key, it’s expanding not leaving.  I find the smaller the comfort zone the quicker I feel the need for change; hence why I made mine so appealing so as not feel the need for expansion.

That being said, there is always one corner which is dark and foreboding. It doesn’t matter how much light I place there, it never warms up.

This I think is the key to this quote, or rather my interpretation to it.  When taking account of epilepsy and seizures.  If risks aren’t taken the condition can remain the same.  In my experience, the example I use is that of my previous neurologist.

He was a lovely man, very friendly but unfortunately over time with a grave mistake made I had to make the difficult decision to leave his care.  That was a very tough move to make. Doctors have had years of experience and knowledge and we put ourselves in their hands for all manner of things everyday, and while they give us the miracle of a quality of life, they are after all human.

Making the phone call to ask for my files to be transferred to a new epileptologist was a hard one, I remember feeling terrible!  I rarely felt comfortable questioning or vocalizing my  choice to go a different route than the one he suggested.  His response wasn’t always as I had hoped and I often felt as if I was a burden or that I was being ridiculous.

We know our own bodies and it’s important to be able to bite the bullet to give ourselves the best care possible.  If you’re umming or ahhing as to whether a change is needed in any aspect of the care for your seizures, always go with your instinct.  You know your body, and whilst medicine can do the tests, doctors have the knowledge they will never know your body and how it feels as you do due to the fact everyone is unique.

So, for 2017 I wish you all the gift of courage.  The courage to put yourself first in whatever capacity that may be.  You are worth it and you deserve the best care that is available for your health.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017 for all.



2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. First off, I loved this post! Yes, we can make our comfort zone rather cozy, a place we enjoy and would rather not leave. There is something about expanding its walls though that allow for new experiences, knowledge, and skills. While we push at our walls of comfort, trying something new, that which we before feared can be something that becomes what is comfortable.

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    1. I’m so pleased you could relate to this. I think it’s very comforting when you know people are going through similar experiences. Knowing there are other people out there makes one feel less alone, I think. Thank you for your kind words.

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