Quote of the Day


When I discovered this quote, whilst part of me thought it a little on the controversial side, the other part jumped for joy at the truth which resides here.

Further to my last post and reading Lainie Chait’s Electro Girl autobiography, when I reflected upon my own journey with epilepsy, this resonated deeply with me.

One of my mantras for dealing with epilepsy is ‘research, research, RESEARCH!’  You can’t just hand your condition over to a neurologist and allow them to do all the work; if so, then the likelihood is that the chances of success will diminish. Sounds crazy huh?  I’m a staunch believer.

Based on the statistics in 2014 from the Epilepsy Foundation, it states that 50% of seizures are eliminated by drugs, 30% are partially reduced and 20% are referred to as ‘refractory’ which basically means unresponsive to the chemical.  So, while the professionals have a wealth of knowledge it’s good to remember that they don’t know everything, including making sure you’re on the right meds, they’re human after all.

Given those statistics, why wouldn’t you go above and beyond to maintain your health and give yourself the best quality of life?

We have to take the majority of the responsibility for our healing.  Leave no stone unturned and travel down as many roads to discover and experiment with different orthodox and complimentary methods both together and separately as one can.  Once all the information has been gleaned then is the time to begin decision making.  The ultimate decision lies solely with YOU.  It is not with any therapist, neurologist or epilepologist; they are there to advise and more importantly to respect your final decision – you know your body.

I have an incredible epileptologist, he treats the body holistically as well as having a very significant orthodox education.  We’ve somewhat been at loggerheads as he’s keen for me to go on Buspirone for my anxiety and I don’t want any more drugs!  While I appreciate that the anxiety would decrease and could subsequently have a positive effect on my absences, I have chosen to discard this advice purely on the basis that this combination could potentially cause more side effects – a chance I’m not willing to take.

So, for me, the next step is using a CBD cream called Cannidex to see if there’s success.  A wonderful company http://cannidex.com/ who reached out to me who are wanting to change the lives of people with epilepsy.  Fingers crossed!



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