The Adventures of Electro Girl!


The mail is becoming more and more exciting as we get closer to Christmas.  Packages from England and Canada are arriving sporadically, but this particular day I had a package from Australia.

I was over the MOON as I knew what this manilla envelope meant! I finally got to hold this book in my hands after reading parts of it in tiny print on my cell phone and others on my laptop.  My fabulous, inspirational cyber friend (hopefully we will meet in person at a later date!), Lainie Chait a.k.a Electro Girl who is yet another resilient individual suffering with epilepsy, is someone I have had the privilege to work alongside during this seizure journey.

She has spent the last couple of years creating this book, documenting her life and specific experiences with the condition.  I was lucky as she gave me a sneaky peek of her composition before publishing, and I can tell you it is phenomenal.

It’s funny, witty, poignant and relatable.  I don’t want to give away too much as I have a couple of chapters left to finish, but I will be posting a review of the book to give you a taste of what’s in store during your read.  If you can’t wait till then, check her out on Twitter at Electro Girl and on Instagram, electro_lainsta – get following people!


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