Quote of the Day


With packing up our house, moving, now unpacking and slowly getting straight, the last month has been busy to say the least.  I’m behind with many tasks which should have been completed yet they remain untouched and the layer of dust upon them thickens.

I love the house we’ve moved to, the energy is so positive and I feel that as a newly married couple this is a real family home, so why then has the last three weeks been so dark?

I found it time to withdraw from people and silently sit in my shell whilst immersed in a pool of fear, anxiety and loneliness from which I could not escape.  This is why I chose this quote as it is most apt.

The AED journey continues and perhaps that has something to answer for.  Increasing Lamotrigine and decreasing Depakote while maintaining the Onfi could be creating all manner of chemical reactions within my system, after all the tremors have returned so could there be more?

Many people suffer these symptoms for a variety of reasons, I will be the first to say it is difficult to just pick yourself up and move on; however, there are options.  If you recognize your symptoms, rather than wait till you’ve slid down that spiral of sadness and depression, reach out for those who can at least help and support you even if they can’t ‘fix’ it.  Remember, having a supportive network allows you the strength to “Face everything and rise” rather than “Forget everything and run”.



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