Quote of the Day


I LOVE this quote!

So first of all, I would like to acknowledge that this quote represents Indigenous People’s Day, Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day.

As a Brit I celebrated none of these holiday’s growing up, but as my life has taken me to different places, I can now truly reflect on the meaning of it all.  Whilst giving thanks is something to be done daily, it is always a nice reminder to have it officially acknowledged too.

I chose this quote in particular today because from the epilepsy perspective there are days I have not wanted to get up, not wanted to talk to people and not wanted to leave the house.  It’s on these days that it’s almost more necessary to find gratitude in what I do have.  I am grateful I can physically leave the house and travel alone without a carer; I’m grateful I can actually have a conversation, even if it is challenging; I’m grateful that as frustrating as the side effects are from medications, I have different medications available to try; it’s one step at a time.  No matter how hard things are, it is a blessing to have a heart that pumps blood round our body and lungs which allow us to breathe.  That’s an amazing thing.  So what’s in the bottom of your glass?


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