A Little Goes A Long Way

I came across this immensely heart warming story, (an excerpt from the 16 page essay by Loren Eiseley), and it was a reminder to me, and to all those out there dedicating their time advocating for epilepsy, the good that’s being done.  

There are times when I’ve made the mistake of looking at my stats or comparing myself to others and the work they do. I then look at my blog and wonder if what I’m doing really is having an impact. It’s in these moments of self doubt that this story and its meaning needs to be read.  I know I’m not the only person in this situation.  Everyone in the same boat will wonder similar thoughts from time to time, thinking about what they’re working towards and if it will be received positively. 

I remember my goal for starting this blog and it was this; if I could change the life of just one person through my treatment and life experiences with seizures then my goal would have been achieved. I’m coming up to three years now with Finding Freedom with Epilepsy and when I take a long hard look, it’s been a success. 

So, that one starfish that I began with has turned into many starfishes and the added bonus is I’ve made plenty of friends as I made my way along the beach.

In times of doubt all you bloggers and advocates out there, keep this deep and meaningful little story to hand to remind you of the excellent work you’re creating and the impact you’re having on those you don’t even know.

Keep it going!


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