Finding Beauty in the Unconventional

20160502_162130Going about my business in the city as I love to do, it was just another day.  I had a huge amount of chores to do but it was a hospital appointment with the endocrinologist first and then home to deal with the mound of prep for the forthcoming trip to England.

That day became what I can only describe as a ‘F#!* it!’ day.  I really am not one to use coarse language and expletives in my blog.  That is a personal preference of mine for the variety of readers I have, not wanting to offend and being aware and respectful of what is appropriate; however, on this occasion there really is no other way to describe how I felt on this day.

It was an absolute scorcher, the sun was out and there were small clusters of puffy white clouds dotted sporadically in the sky.

After my appointment, rather than take public transit I opted to walk down the stunning tree lined streets.  I observed the life of the city and zig zagged my way through the grid system to get to where I needed to be.

Now, my destination was at the gym and then Zumba, that had been the plan.  I had carted all my gear with me alongside my good intentions, but as I walked, I realized how much I didn’t want to be incarcerated in a building with lots of sweaty people doing exercises I had no desire to take part in.

As you know I am partial to the gym and thoroughly enjoy it but that day I had been enchanted by the beauty of my city, I wanted to immerse myself in the heat and just ‘be’.

I passed a café with two sets of tables and chairs outside, desolate and looking very lonely.  A prime opportunity for a sit down and a quick cup of tea!  So there I sat outside with my book.  My book faded into the background fairly quickly and returned into the depths of my bag as I simply wanted to watch the world go by.   Every now and again I had niggling thoughts of all the jobs I had to do at home that subsequently led on to how I was wasting time just sitting, but I wanted to enjoy practicing the art of ‘being’.

We spend so much of our time rushing round in life that on this occasion I’d rebelled against the norm and thought,

“No, I’m going to recharge my batteries, my chores can wait”.

And this is where the unconventional comes in – beauty can be found in all manner of nooks and crannies.  The scene was absolutely idyllic.  There were of course the trees lining the sidewalks in their fullness of Spring, green leaves brimming on their branches; the brick of the buildings closer to where I was located set against the dominating angled skyscrapers of the skyline highlighted the contrast in architecture; there were lime green, orange and yellow taxis driving up and down the hill interspersed with the brightly colored buses with combinations of purple, red, yellow and blue; students, adults, tourists and families mooching around the shops or walking with purpose to where they needed to be; further down there was the Convention Center and peeking through the gap was water which sparkled with the sun.

Now that might not sound very exciting to you.  Public transport and buildings, great, where’s the magnificence in that?  But that is exactly the point.  It is through being able to appreciate those simpler things in life and make the time to do so that allows the space to conjure up new thoughts, ideas and potential experiences.

The longer I sat the more I began to notice things I hadn’t seen before and then all of a sudden the inspiration for this blog post arose and out came my diary and a pen!

2016-05-25 18.10.17

My mind wasn’t filled with all the activities I must do.  I had accepted that that particular day wasn’t going to be a replica of all the others.  I was going to take two hours to embrace life even if that meant sitting outside a café watching traffic and observing human life. It demonstrated how essential it is to slow down not only for one’s well-being but it gave creativity the opportunity to manifest itself within me because I gave myself time.

I got all my jobs done, there was no panic, it just goes to show that it’s all about prioritizing.  YOU are important and you deserve to have some time to yourself.  The next time you find yourself saying,

“I don’t have time…” even if you can switch off for ten minutes in a corner with a cup of tea that is the beginning of self-love and knowing your own worth.




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