In Jamaica: Walk & Talk In The Park For Epilepsy


Since starting this blog, I’ve been extremely fortunate as I have got to connect with wonderful and interesting people all over the world who are dealing with epilepsy and working towards the same goal.

In many places, the attitude towards epilepsy remains misunderstood with myths and incorrect facts still being believed.

I had the good fortune to work with the Cameroon Epilepsy Foundation with a couple of projects in FFWE’s first year.  It was eye opening to learn of the daily struggles that the communities in Cameroon face due to a lack of understanding and the correct, up to date information.

I have recently been speaking with Gail Valentine who volunteers at the Jamaican Epilepsy Association and she has been sharing her story with me.  She will be featured next month as one of a number of guest bloggers to document her journey so I won’t give too much away, but the common thread which came up was the attitude towards those with epilepsy in Jamaica.  She was explaining how difficult it is to get employment and the misguided beliefs of what epilepsy is. She is dedicating a large amount of her time to the Association and is currently promoting a walk that is being held at Emancipation Park  on Sunday, May 15th.

For those in the area, it’s a wonderful cause and I would highly recommend going down to take part; if you can’t take part then head down to the park and show your support – every person makes a difference.  Not in the area but would like to donate?  Check out and you can support this worthy cause.  I have been notified that the website is currently under construction so please be patient and do check back!

Good luck for Sunday folks, I’ll be there in spirit!


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