Yes, we’ve arrived, it’s Purple Day!  So many people all around the world will have been working hard to raise awareness in the run up to and for today.  There will be people wearing purple, fundraisers taking place to raise money, and those affected directly and indirectly by epilepsy celebrating their day originated by Canadian epilepsy advocate Megan Cassidy back in 2008.

My contribution today is to pass on some information from a great company that I have had the good fortune to be connected with.

I was approached by Eric Dolan the CEO of Neutun and asked to try their fast growing app, which is available for download for those with epilepsy.  I downloaded it today and will be using it on a daily basis.  I’ll report back along with more in depth information about the software which Eric and his colleagues at are developing. For the time being, below you’ll find a couple of short videos introducing the possibilities and the improvements it has made in the lives of those who have already used it.

Let’s get the word out there to offer as much assistance to people as possible!



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