Day 20: Post Traumatic Seizures


These seizures develop further to a brain injury and are named post traumatic seizures (PTS) if the seizure/s occurs within 24 hours.  If they begin within a week of the trauma it’s referred to as early PTS, if the trauma is post week it’s late PTS.

As with epilepsy in general, there will only be a diagnosis of post traumatic epilepsy if more than one seizure is experienced; however, the likelihood of its presence is increased. Statistics demonstrate that approximately 80% of people who suffer with late PTS continue on to have further seizures whereas those who suffer with early PTS, that statistic is significantly lower at approximately 25%.

The seizures themselves tend to materialize in the form of partial (focal) or tonic clonic seizures which is of the generalized variety.  Treatment is once again in the form of anti-epileptic medication and is of course dependent on the other factors of the brian injury.


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