Day 11: Jacksonian Marching Seizure

I may be cutting it fine but I’ve made Day 11!

Today I bring you Jacksonian seizures, also known as Jacksonian Marching seizures.  This is a specific form of epilepsy.  It’s name is reflected in the way that the seizure starts out in one part of the brain and then ‘marches’.  It begins in the primary motor cortex of the brain and then quickly travels through all the muscles in quick succession.  The fingers are feet can be affected at the start and it stays on one side of the body.

Movement continues up the limb as the activity travels in the brain.  The individual is aware of what is going on throughout.  There are similar characteristics that are seen in other seizures such as lip smacking, eye and mouth movements, numbness, tingling and crawling sensations as well as muscle contraction.



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