Day 9: Simple Partial Seizures

seizure-movementSimilar to the complex partial, the simple partial tend to last less than 2 minutes.  In contrast however, consiousness is maintained throughout and interaction is possible.  Subsequently, this can make it a little tricky to detect if someone is having a seizure.

Due to the array of symptoms these seizures tend to be divided into categories depending on what the individual is experiencing; these categories are motor, sensory, autonomic and psychic.

In the motor category the muscles are affected and can create jerking movements or stiffening and it may or may not stay on one side of the body.  Sensory seizures just as you would think affect the senses. For example, an individual may taste or hear things that aren’t there, have hallucinations or feel pins and needles.  Autonomic seizures cover the nervous system and can create alterations in bodily functions and psychic seizures can change perceptions for thoughts and feelings.  Perhaps there may be feelings of déja vu or extreme emotions.

The recovery period for these seizures tends to be quick and the activity that was being done is continued.


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