“That’s It, I’m Going Outside!”


“Right, that’s it, I’m going outside.”

I’d tasted the flavor of Spring yesterday, (although not quite officially) when in my frustration at being sensible and staying indoors after a second consecutive cold this season, I decided to clean up the pine needles from the Christmas tree that were scattered all over the balcony and our patio.  It’s almost March, I know.  Every time I see them, I add it to my ever growing mental list of things to do.  I had tried to clean them up with the indoor brush but with little success, so yesterday I finally walked to a local hardware store and brought an appropriate ‘outdoor’ brush.  How I swept with glee!

It wasn’t cold and being outdoors in the fresh air, cough or no cough, was frankly liberating.  I realized I hadn’t done this anywhere near enough recently.  As I looked longingly at the brown crunchy leaves which had long fallen from the trees, I got a compulsive urge to clear the beds of them too.  However, I erred on the side of sensible as I didn’t want to push the luck of my lingering cough and swollen glands in my throat.

I watched the sun shine against the blue sky from my living room window as I contemplated that mental list of chores.  With my hormones raging throwing their regular hissy fit, the influx of absences had of course increased, as per normal. They endlessly interrupted the conversation I had when a friend stopped in for lunch and I acknowledged I needed a change.

“That’s it, I’m going outside.”

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how much I love wandering through my neighborhood.  Every house is unique in its appearance and it’s so incredibly peaceful.  Each season provides an individual charm.  Fall came with all the pumpkins and ghouls, and houses were adorned with fake spider’s webs; Winter at Christmas was a tremendous event with the lights, statues and creative scenes residents had arranged on their front lawns.  Here, Spring has arrived and the color palette Mother Nature gifted the season is magnificent.

As I began to walk, apart from a handful of rowdy crows, all I could hear was the muffled clump of each boot on the uneven concrete pathway.  Reveling in the moments of quiet, I took the opportunity to heighten my senses.  Looking, seeing, hearing, touching and smelling rather than focusing on what was just whirling around in my head.

As I travelled I passed a variety of trees which had just revealed their beautiful blossoms.  There were so many rows of pinks, whites and a combination of the two.

It just felt so rejuvenating to be out of the stuffy indoor air.  I could practically feel it whooshing in one ear and calming the electrical activity.  I think people forget the power of nature and health, I know I do…


I was suddenly hit with the heady scent of daffodils and crocuses, an invisible cloud which I seemed to have walked through.  I knelt down to inhale.  Perhaps it would help my cold? My absences too?  Here’s hoping for that natural remedy!

Passing block after block, it was surprising to me just how many purple flowers had sprouted.  There were oodles of them.  I began to think about this blog and how with Spring nearly here and March 26th (Purple Day) approaching, it seemed this could be Mother Nature’s own way of supporting the cause for epilepsy.

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”

– Viktor Kraft



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