Abortion & Epilepsy – Bellamy Young Tells Faith’s Story

Abortion, it’s such a controversial subject and we all have our own personal opinions about it.  It creates fire, anger, sadness, judgement and difficulty in obtaining and exercising compassion for our fellow woman, no matter what road she chooses to take because of the situation she has found herself in.  How can we possibly judge another without experiencing a certain set of circumstances?

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing about planning and raising a family on my blog since July of last year. I was going back and forth as to whether it was the right move or not as it tends to be quite a fiery topic, since having watched this video I decided now was the right time.

There have been so many stimuli in my path which have brought up a mixture of my own pain and frustration alongside sadness at the lack of thought by some people surrounding couples who don’t have children.  It was in Italy last year that I put pen to paper, pouring my heart out in my notebook having read an article online by a writer who didn’t seem satisfied with her decision to have children!  The piece bubbled over with endless criticism for childless couples.

Perhaps I was a little more sensitive at that time due to working through my own issues of getting to grips with the fact that I probably won’t be able to physically have my own children because of epilepsy, endometriosis and the fact that only two thirds of my reproductive system remain – for the time being.

Women with epilepsy not only have to put their own health first but also consider the health and quality of life their baby will have.  I have been informed on numerous occasions the medical problems I face and the agonizing decisions I will have to make further down the road if children were an option.

I ask that you watch this video with an open mind and if you are opposed to abortion just try and put yourself in the place of this mother.  Bearing in mind, she not only had to make this heart breaking decision but she has to live with it for the rest of her life.  There may be constant guilt which accompanies her daily, and she may be convincing herself that she was doing the right thing because she knew she was not physically capable of looking after a baby and her other two children let alone herself, because of her condition.  It’s not easy trying to do the right thing…

A very insightful website.  Do go and check it out http://www.reproductiverights.org/


4 thoughts on “Abortion & Epilepsy – Bellamy Young Tells Faith’s Story

  1. Thanks for finding this Freya. I chose to find harmony with my mind and body over the risks associated with kids and pregnancy and also passing down the gene. I’m not hard on myself either for my choices and luckily I have plenty of friends my age that choose not to have kids or simply can’t due to age, medical reasons etc.


    1. That’s wonderful you’ve reached a place of contentment. I am fully at peace knowing it may not happen and if it should then it’s simply a bonus. I personally feel strongly that I can’t be selfish and bring a child into the world that doesn’t have a quality of life. Unfortunately, as with this story despite being careful things can still happen and you have to be brutal in weighing up the options and putting personal desires aside if health or safety could be compromised.


  2. Thanks so much for this. I had one beautiful daughter last year via IVF. I had a serious epileptic episode when she was exactly three months and nearly died. Now I’ve just found out I am pregnant naturally and I’m feeling so messed up. I don’t think I have a choice but to terminate the pregnancy and lie to everyone around me forever more. (And I’ve always been pro-choice) But the other part of me recognises the miracle and wants to go through with the pregnancy. There is no easy answer, and I appreciate that I can read the experiences of others. So thanks.


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