Beautiful Words: Hoppipolla


To welcome in the New Year I’ve chosen a more playful aspect for my choice of a beautiful word.  Whilst we have our realities, responsibilities and health issues that must be taken seriously, it is important to balance these out with enjoyment and laughter.  They in turn I believe, have an impact on one’s health.

b0ae7676923054d7bb1bf0f62e680379To introduce the first word of 2016, it is hoppipolla. This is an Icelandic word meaning, ‘Jumping into puddles’.

So, next time you’re out in the rain and are frustrated with the weather, the cold and you’re caught up with life’s stresses and strains, take a chance and find a puddle, dig out your inner child and jump in it.  You might just find by doing so things don’t seem quite as serious as you’d first imagined.

Happy 2016 everybody!


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