Thankful For “Enough”

As we enter December, I was ruminating over the blog relay which I was part of (if you didn’t get to check it out see: ).  There was a blog in particular which struck a chord with me.

I speak to so many fellow advocates and have become aware of this under lying sense that we feel what we do is not quite ‘enough’.  As I read all the wonderful posts with their different subject matters and all with such a variety of perspectives, this specific piece made me sit back and ponder my own work and what it means.

I certainly don’t do this to be thanked by people, I do it because I’m passionate and want to make a change.  If that means just one person can read and take something from it I have acomplished my goal, though that is not to say I stop there.

Whilst feedback is always helpful, this piece written by highlights the impact we can have on people without even realizing.  Do go and view her website, she’s a fantastic writer and a strong, highly inspirational female.



Thankful For “Enough” 🙂

I received this message from a former high school student the other day… Enough message

My heart swelled with emotion and I was in tears after reading her message, but they were happy tears, grateful tears mixed with just a little trepidation for the young college student’s future. I’ve reread the line “she just whispered please don’t leave me” over and over… God, I remember being her. And I know that desperate feeling still. She might never be able to escape it, yet I’m so proud of my student for possessing the courage to approach this young woman and provide a small measure of comfort in a moment of panic and uncertainty. When she looks back on hopefully what was a single episode in her life, or maybe (unfortunately) the start of her Epilepsy journey, I know she will think of a stranger’s empathy and the immeasurable value of my student’s kindness during an experience where she would’ve otherwise been alone.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. I just want to mention this- I was so touched by the message, I forwarded her email to my husband and here’s his response:

I told you – you absolutely cannot stop writing and being an advocate for girls like the one she is speaking of… God gave you this gift of writing for a reason – even if it is just this one person – it is clearly “enough.”

He’s right. I’m always saying I don’t reach enough people. I can’t raise enough awareness. Why am I continuing when it’s never enough? And then I receive a message like this, a moment when you’re overwhelmed by pride and a sense of privilege from being a part of a chain of compassion.

So, I am thankful this season- as always- for my family support system, friends old and new, former students, and the ability to put my words to paper. They aren’t poetry or always eloquent, or even read by many, but they are genuine, honest and in this case- enough. 🙂


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