Day 24: Epilepsy Is Like Wax, It Infiltrates Every Area Of Life


Purple Candle Waterfall Digital Fantasy Art by Aquasixio

I fell in love with image as soon as I saw it and what immediately sprung to mind was how epilepsy infiltrates all aspects of our lives.  It isn’t just that we have seizures and that’s the end of it.  It affects our work; relationships both intimate and platonic as it impacts sex; social interaction – conversation and the ability to be able to function ‘normally’; socializing in respect of alcohol and photosensitive epilepsy will limit any light related activities such as clubbing, movies etc.; parenthood and the ability to have children based on medications or the effect of seizures on the foetus; being able to drive – I am unable to as my seizures have never fully been under control so I have always had to make sure that I live in or near the city where there is good public transportation so I can maintain my independence; there’s the consideration of living arrangements, living alone is not always an option for safety purposes and therefore carers may be required; activities and career paths are limited again, due to safety issues.

That’s a handful of areas that epilepsy and seizures can affect.  These are almost basic ‘rights’ which many people take for granted, but for those with seizures it compromises their independence and subsequently makes them doubt their sense of self.  That’s why practically every person with epilepsy that I have met possesses a strength, something I don’t see in everyone.  We have to be able to deal with and get past these everyday challenges otherwise we would crumble.  I speak for many when I say this, we won’t lie back and let epilepsy get the better of us.



2 thoughts on “Day 24: Epilepsy Is Like Wax, It Infiltrates Every Area Of Life

  1. I so agree. No, we cannot let Epilepsy get the better of us. There is moments it gets the better of you. I sometimes think “why me”. But, I think it has made me strong and also adds to my motivation.

    All the best.

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    1. Thanks Bryce! I can’t stress enough how important it is to let those moments happen and to let those thoughts come in, it is okay to feel frustrated, it’s perfectly natural! But to think about it and then reach the realization as you mentioned that it’s added to your strength and motivation, it’s given us a boost to go and advocate, it gives us such passion for the cause.

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