Beautiful Words: Epilepsy Awareness Month


There are countless beautiful words and phrases that need to be increasingly associated with ‘Epilepsy Awareness Month’, such as: exercising compassion, tolerance, understanding and patience; the ability not to judge based on what is thought rather than what is; to let go of fear; to learn new things in order to help others as well as ourselves; to listen; to be open minded; supportive; to engage in the spirit of community….

Every day this month I shall light a virtual candle on my blog for all those who live with and alongside epilepsy.  It affects so many people in a multitude of different ways and November is our month to reflect and continue our hard work.  I hope that November will significantly bring us a number of steps closer to getting people more knowledgeable about epilepsy and its unpredictability.  Remember, 65 million people worldwide live with epilepsy and in America alone 1 in 26 people will develop the condition.  Get in the know, it could be your friend or family member who becomes the statistic!


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