Wisdom: 13 Things To Remember When Life Gets Rough


I stumbled upon this article on Facebook by chance.  It would seem Facebook has completely changed what my newsfeed is comprised of, filling it with all sorts of interesting epilepsy related articles and less from updates from friends, which leaves me not quite sure how I feel – it all depends on what news I’m missing out on really!

However, today this article named, ’13 Things to Remember When Life Gets Rough’ slipped into my newsfeed from a blog link www.healthheal.info and I was curious, so I took a peek.

As I read, I felt like someone had infiltrated my brain and just listed off all the philosophies and personal beliefs that I try to live my life by.  Some of them I’ve mastered better than others over the years, and a percentage will be those lessons which I’ll never quite graduate from, it is more ‘greater improvement over time through practice’.  This life management comes back to that ‘attitude of gratitude’ idea.

The other really important aspect which struck me having these ideals written down so eloquently from my head by someone else is, this is what I try to convey to each person with epilepsy.  Some are more applicable and doable than others but ultimately, we have full responsibility for how our lives unfold through the choices we make – or don’t.  In my experience, if you can’t at least try some of these, epilepsy, in fact any condition you find yourself living with daily will consume you and it will have control over you.  Fill your life with negativity and that’s the life you will endure, look at things with a positive slant, with thoughts such as, ‘what is this trying to tell me?’, ‘what am I meant to learn?’ or ‘what do I need to change?’ rather than victimizing yourself.  Life can be pretty astounding – I know mine is and I hope by sharing this, yours can be too.



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