Welcome Back…

It’s been a little while since I wrote last but it feels super to be back in the driver’s seat again, plus I write from a new beautifully created writing nook.

Since my last entry, I’ve celebrated thirty five years on the planet; packed up and moved house (which is the main preventative from allowing me to bond with my computer); I’ve unpacked – a task that’s not quite complete yet; focused on my fluctuating health and celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving.   All in all, the last month has been exciting as well as extremely eye opening, but continuing with the North American Thanksgiving thread, there’s been plenty to give thanks for.

For those of you who follow my FFWE Facebook page I’ve been posting a few notable articles on there as and when I’ve been able.  One of the most significant which I found to be absolutely heartbreaking, was titled, “Would You Marry An Epileptic Girl?” It shows once again how much work we have to do to raise awareness.  However, at the same time it is an opportunity for us to step back and remember how fortunate we are here in America and countries like it that the majority of those with epilepsy don’t have to deal with situations like Sarah did.  It was an article that I felt very important to share and if you didn’t catch it on Facebook you can read it here:


For all the frustrations connected with my epilepsy and seizures which at times I find myself free of or at others I find myself plagued with, I am able to live on my own, catch a bus, go to town, cook a meal, write, exercise etc.  I find it so important to remember this every so often, as it is so easy to get bogged down with what we can’t do and the negatives rather than what we can do and focusing on the positives, a perfectly natural occurance when you live with a challenging health condition on a daily basis.

I found this beautiful quote by the Dalai Lama.  I don’t know why I felt it apt to include it in this post but it resonated with me for some reason so I followed my intuition.  Perhaps a reminder to be kind to ourselves as well as others and exercise respect and tolerance towards others?tumblr_npmfv7Gv6Q1trkrmwo1_1280


2 thoughts on “Welcome Back…

  1. It can be a true challenge to accept that we all have a different path in life, even if we have very many things in common. I believe that every journey is meant for our person and filled with the lessons we need to discover. Welcome back =)


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