Can You Say No?


If traveling has taught me one thing, it’s that you carve your life out to be as exciting, rewarding or as satisfying as you wish.

We have to undertake the fundamentals of life, but what’s left after that? Our spare time is precious and should be spent doing things we enjoy; however, many of us find ourselves surrounded by people whose company we don’t cherish or we take part in activities where we find ourselves wishing we were elsewhere.

I have always found saying ‘no’ one of the hardest words to utter as I don’t want to let people down or to have them think less of me.  Is it worthwhile to forgo joy because of fearing others’ reactions? It is certainly a good test of figuring out who your friends are when you are true to yourself.

If you’re a no-phobe like me, take some time this weekend and choose one thing to say no to that you would normally bi-pass.  Discover your life – it’s a liberating feeling once you start!


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