A San Diego Wedding Weekend

I am officially now off the lamotrigine and pleased to report things have really settled down – thank goodness!  I have regained the sense of being present in my body, a major relief and as for the seizures it’s a ‘flying by the seat of pants’ kind of situation but, so far so good; this bodes well for the traveling stint we have approaching.

tumblr_nl6ag0ZiMR1u3m1tuo1_500 This weekend it is San Diego which beckons, for the wedding of some very good friends of ours.  It’s my first time traveling down the West Coast, I’m eager to explore yet another new part of the world and see what it beholds.  So yes, it’s that time again, time to hop, skip and jump to the storage cupboard which is overflowing with suitcases.  It appears they’ve been busy reproducing in my absence as I’m sure there’s more choice each time I look in.  Next will be the wardrobe rummage requirement.  This entails plucking out the thinnest clothes I own in order to survive the sweltering temperatures.  Although, on reflection, it shouldn’t be an issue because after all, it’s only going to be mid 90’s/30’s – that’s a mere Spring day in comparison to my destinations in the last month or so!

I’m ready to embrace the onslaught of laundry, packing and preening in preparation for what will be the beginning of a super vacation.  Plus, excitingly, I finally bought a new phone which has the novel predictability of working as it should; the camera is top notch so I shall be playing Davina Bailey (the female version of David for those unfamiliar with the original photographer).  I think perhaps the aspect that I find most entertaining is the fact when I say, “Smile”, it immediately takes a selfie!  I’m reveling in a completely unnecessary feature of what a basic camera should have.  However, for many, these features could well be old news but I can tell you it’s provided a ridiculous amount of entertainment for me and I have taken (and deleted!) more pictures of myself over the last day or two than I think I ever have!


So here’s to a lot of creative experimental photography this weekend.  It’s an exciting prospect, as it reminds me of my purple photography exhibit for epilepsy back in November/December, and who knows, it could be the basis for another fundraising project!  Exciting stuff!


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