My Summer Traveling Extravaganza!

There comes a time when life grabs you by the short and curlies, sits you down and says, “Right, this is what’s going on, what’s not right here?”  Harmony, that’s not what’s right here.

IMG_20150626_192903159_HDRThe last month has been an exciting yet exhausting whirlwind.  I kick started my summer traveling extravaganza with a trip to Miami for my beau’s uncle’s birthday.   The initial family introduction is always when the butterflies come out to play and it gets a bit nail-biting, but, the unfamiliar faces swiftly turned into friends who possessed so many interesting stories and welcomed me with such kindness, there just wasn’t enough time to talk to discover more about every one as much as I would have liked.  It is a beautiful part of the world and with the opportunity to drive down to Key Largo before catching our plane home, I found that tropical environment is like nothing I had experienced before.  I will admit, being a pastey Brit and hearing the temperatures were going to be in the hundreds, (or forties for you Celsius folk out there) I had visions of the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz, except I would take one step out of the plane and there I’d be, nothing but a pile of meager clothes and my carry-on.

That temperature practice was perfectly timed however, as the following weekend I had a bachelorette trip to Las Vegas.  I thought I experienced hot in Miami!  It was a hundred and ten or eleven on that trip and I would like to point out that in neither place did I get myself sunburned!

This Vegas trip was a contrast to the previous one as this was the party by night, pool by day expedition.  With an ‘official’ pool party under our belt on the last day, we jammily linked up with another group (and genuinely gained some  new friends) who had a VIP seating area pretty much next to the DJ booth and for that afternoon we were serenaded by the sweet sounds of Afrojack.  This made me feel old.  Yes, I will readily admit I had absolutely no clue who he was, but that didn’t stop me bobbing about like I had springs on the bottom of my feet!  After leaving the bar in shock (and bankrupt) after spending $30 on two bottles of water, I decided it was time for me to go, a nice afternoon nap I thought, to prepare myself for the evening’s entertainment.


Despite my early pool party departure that day, I was successful in the casinos.  My first $3 spent won me $50 and then another $30 later on courtesy of Lobstermania 2 and Goldfish, both 1 cent slot machines – my Grandad would have been so proud!  Throw a couple more bars in, a pole dancing class and some sight-seeing and that was our long weekend.


However, this weekend just past was a complete contrast.  Friday night in the sea of rush hour, we slowly made our way to sleepy Whidbey Island, thirty miles north of Seattle, west of Washington.  The cottage possessed a melancholic loneliness to it and even with it being our second stay I’m still not quite sure what to make of it.  It had a distinct feeling of isolation probably attributed to its surroundings.  The vast expanse of water, the over flowing driftwood and its deep sense of emotional neutrality despite other cottages dotted close by.  It’s quite the enigma.   The weekend however, was filled with laughter, game playing; good food, relaxation and catching up with absent friends and made for a peaceful, therapeutic trip.

Where did that leave me on my return?  Still with a lot of rumination and soul searching to do!  But with a few exciting encounters so far this week, I will keep you all waiting till the next instalment to find out not How Stella Got Her Groove Back but how Freya re-discovered her balance of harmony!


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