A Busy Summer Spirit


I think I’ve been experiencing a mild version of writer’s block.  All the subject matter is here it’s just the words sit contentedly yet awkwardly together and don’t flow, or, could it simply be a reflection of the synaptastic activity in my brain?  I am having a fair amount of self-inflicted seizures so that could be it and that in itself is another story!  In additional to this, life is becoming satisfyingly bursting at the seams, so no doubt that has contributed to not being able to calmly process what could potentially be a post.

What have I been doing you ask? So much, I reply! Aside from becoming what feels like a nomad, being productive is the aim of the game here.

I met Natalia, a now very good friend when I first moved to Seattle.  She was in the same situation as me, not able to work but wanting to use her time constructively.  Since getting to know her, it was a few weeks ago that I decided to nickname her ‘Google’.  Over time I’ve come to realize that she seems to answer the majority of things that I would Google but before I can get there.  Nine times out of ten something will come up in conversation and she will be able to direct me to somebody/a website that meets my needs or she’ll just use her own vast knowledge. Her personal aspirations have no bounds and I find her quite the inspiration.

The blog has revealed that writing is what I want to do and it’s been a fair while since I went to school.  All those scary words like ‘pronoun’ and ‘adverb’ along with all the conjunctions jumbled in amongst the big tangled mess of the English language brought me to the decision that they are pretty much a necessity for me now.  With the attitude, if-you’re-going-to-do-something-you-may-as-well-do-it-properly, I bit the bullet and booked some English classes online. (Thanks Natalia!) They are great fun, immensely helpful but hard work.  Since starting, it has been rather disconcerting to discover that many of the essential language basics were omitted from my own schooling; however, this is my second chance so it’s my high school ‘do over’!

There are occasions when I read some posts back and I gasp in horror at some of the utter nonsense written because I didn’t put a comma in the right place.  Naturally everyone makes mistakes, but it’s you folk who have the read and re-read the sentences three or four times to try and figure out what the devil I’m going on about!

Now this course, despite only having started it a few weeks ago is an enormous help to one of my other projects – learning Spanish.

I adored Spanish at high school but I’m not quite sure what went wrong.  I was predicted an A grade but shamefully limped out with a D which was most upsetting to my seventeen year old self.  I can only think that I panicked in the exam otherwise that foretells a very long road ahead this time round!

There are some superb free websites I learn from but more beneficially I have also been meeting with native Spanish speakers.  (Thanks Natalia!)  They too want to practice their English so it’s a win-win situation.

Finally, my additional new voluntary venture is just beginning, working with a budding non-profit organization managing their social media sites.  I’m not quite up and running just yet but the company itself has been active for some time.   If you’re interested to take a peek you can visit savetheschools.org to find out more.

So, as you can see my hands are becoming pleasantly full.  Spanish, English, writing, volunteering, keeping fit (yup, another blog!) and traveling (yup, and another one!) there’s plenty keeping me occupied.

And, it is on that note that I must turn my concentration to my Spanish verb tenses.  Not particularly exciting I know but it must be done and if I’m correct in thinking, before I go I can wish you feliz fin de semana! – Happy weekend!


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