To Do This Summer: Conquer Fear of Water!

EstherWilliamsDip03 – Esther Williams,

“To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float.”

– Alan W. Watts

How time slips by!  With the warmth and the sun out in full force, I realize it’s been too long since I have written.

As we enter the summer, it does (and should) take precedent.  Get your injection of vitamin D and ensure you make the most of the fresh air and outside activities.  I love walking, seeing nature; the flowers, plants and trees with their vibrant colors in a season like no other.

This year may see me grudgingly getting my sea legs.  I’ve never felt particularly comfortable in water unless my feet touch the bottom.  Probably because as I child if I was in it I had to have somebody on seizure watch; therefore, my swimming abilities, whilst I can, are really not strong.  ‘Swimming’ is normally associated with me thrashing about and with my water challenged ways I never seem to reach my destination in a straight line.  It’s amazing that I do actually reach a destination, but clearly, somewhere along the much distorted line, this method works!

This year I have lots of activities I may try out to ease me in.  There is of course a pedalo, a good safe bet; we have kayaking or canoeing, perhaps canoeing as you can fit more than one person in it – safety in numbers (!); you have general sailing of course and if I should go down that road I will count myself fortunate if I am not knocked unconscious by the boom somewhere along the way; or finally, just your average mini cruise on the lake for an hour.  This I feel is safest as I diminish all responsibility of getting myself injured or at an intended location safely!

So I think my main companion this summer will be the ever stylish life jacket.  It is this trusty friend that will conquer my fear and nurture my confidence to find that by September, I will be writing to tell you that my life’s calling in fact is as a lifeguard and not as an epilepsy blogger.  As if!


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