Simple Non-Medical Seizure Intervention

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My post today is a letter which I received from a gentleman named Larry Roof. With experience of his own three children who have suffered/suffer with seizures, he and his wife discovered an effective way to maintain seizure control through massage.  Tragically, they lost their daughter but have since made it their mission to pass this essential information on.  It could save so many lives.  If you are in a position where you know someone with epilepsy, please pass this on as it is a simple  yet valuable method which could save lives.


A Simple Non Medical Seizure Intervention

After several years of successfully intervening in our three children’s seizures, we decided that all persons with Epileptic seizures should know about the procedure. But first we needed to travel to Bethel Epilepsy Center in Germany to discuss the procedure. Bethel’s world preeminence is based on 150 years experience with all aspects of Epilepsy. On May 6, 2010, we met with Alois Ebner, head of the Bethel Epilepsy Hospital. The meeting was amazing, and at the conclusion, Dr. Ebner said, “You have given us information we did not know”. We came away from the meeting with the understanding that many, if not most persons with Epilepsy worldwide may benefit from care-giver administration or self administration of the procedure.

This is how we got here: our daughter, Rainey, and autistic twin sons, Shawn and Shannon, had endured over forty years of Epileptic seizures, most of Rainy’s were grand mall, sometimes resulting in a coma. We thought, “There must be a way to distract and divert the brain from seizure activity?” Because we always recognized our children’s oncoming seizures, we decided to try massaging both sides of their entire face, ears and hair, very vigorously in circular motions with our open hands. To our amazement, it worked! If we began the procedure immediately, within seconds of the beginning of an aura, every seizure was interrupted. If we were a little late in responding, we needed to alternate between massaging and patting the face.

 Why does it work? We believe the vigorous massaging of the face intervenes in the seizure because the brain perceives the a “Fight or flight”circumstance. If you try the procedure on yourself, you will understand the dynamics. We also believe that the procedure may lead to new avenues of medical research.

On May 18, 2009, our wonderful “Differently abled” Rainey, died of complications from powerful seizure medication and medical mistakes. We know she would be here today, if we had known about the intervention much earlier. Her first thoughts during special circumstances were always for others. She would say “We need to pray for them”, “We need to give them a gift”. Rainey would be so pleased for everyone with Epilepsy to have the gift of stopping seizures.

 If you are one of the many persons with Epilepsy or you have a loved one or you know someone with Epilepsy, this is a gift that may be life changing for you or others. Please tell someone who needs the information. We hope and trust that you or someone you know may have a better quality of life and a longer, more productive life.

We are gratified that this “non-medical seizure intervention procedure” emanated from parents because we considered it a testament to the loving and diligent care that hundreds of thousands of dedicated parents provide their special needs children at home, year after year. Our best to all of you. Be healthy.

Larry & Annette Roof

You can contact Larry Roof at:


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    1. Your question is not silly at all. Epilepsy is so complicated both of those aspects will make a difference. Probably the best thing is to ask Larry directly. His email is at the bottom of the post and he’ll be able to give you all the info you need 🙂

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