An Exchange Of (Cyber) Friendship


One of the greatest pleasures of blogging that I had not considered when I began was how friendly a network it is.  Through my regular postings I’ve ‘met’ so many different people from all walks of life.  Many of us become connected through similar interests.  Some are working towards a specific cause and document it through their own personal experience, for others it’s sharing a skill, to educate or simply an insight into their own lives.  Regularly, I find myself completely lost in blogs and the outside world ceases to exist because of that immersion.

Out there you will find blogs about anything and everything, the common denominator running through each is the content that is derived from an ignition of passion within its author.

Blog exchange is something that I have come to love.  These past few weeks posting other people’s stories have been particularly gratifying.  We each have our unique writing style but to be able to share the personal opinions, encounters and thoughts that someone has taken the time to sit down and write is a pretty special thing!

So in light of that, having posted Megan’s story from a few weeks ago we have just done the ‘blog exchange’ and you can find my story on her page at:


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