A Snowy New York Paradise


Once again I find myself on my travels to the East coast.  As I sit on the plane, I look out to see the majestic jagged snowed capped mountain tops. With my flight at 7:40 a.m., there’s plenty of time for me to watch the sunrise.  It is a practice that Mother Nature completes daily that constantly leaves me in awe.  I had a rare opportunity to witness the darkness that enveloped the city as it embraced the early morning stillness, gradually transforming into beauty from the dregs of the night.  The artist begins to paint a stunning backdrop from a palette of orange, yellow, peach, pink with hints of purple. Strong strokes blend the colors together to make a watercolor background so breathtaking, that all who are fortunate enough to see it are silenced by its beauty.

The uneven ground mirrors squares of a patchwork quilt revealing an assortment of earthy tones.  In contrast, the rugged white capped mountains maintain an appearance of white horses that race each other to the shore.

As we swiftly move on, flying toward our destination, miniscule towns sparkle in the sunlight resembling the size of what the imagination would conceive to be an ant village with four or five white wind turbines lining the outside.  It reminds me of the small colorful wind mills I had as a child that I would hold far out in the wind watching it as it whipped though the blades giving them no choice but to follow the wind and spin.

Slipping into a layer of cloud my picturesque view disappears out of sight and I am brought back to the reality of not quite knowing what to expect when I get to New York.  The sky below is thick and swollen with snow presenting itself in the shape of swirls, tightly packed together and preying on the ground below as the inhabitants await the onslaught.

With a weather forecast of the worst blizzard for a decade, I hope that I manage to make it from the airport to my hotel.  My flight is one of a handful that wasn’t cancelled so I have two feet of snow to look forward to!

With a train booked for tomorrow to travel to see my sister after a period of two and half years apart, there has been speculation of no visibility whatsoever. I wonder/anticipate another night booked into my hotel until the city flutters its snowy eyelashes making room for people to make their way to where they need to be.  I can’t help but feel a little excited, although that’s perhaps with a dash of ignorance; after all, I didn’t even bring my wellingtons – certainly not my finest moment.  However, with boots, a pair of which are waterproof and another that are warm and furry, I know my feet will remain snuggy and warm even if the boots are ruined in the process.  But they are immaterial and easily replaced.

Excitement beholds as I get closer to seeing a part of my family that has been omitted geographically from my life.  To be present for my nephew’s birthday, the first birthday out of both my niece and nephew that I have spent with them (and my niece is ten!), will be so special for me.  It brings home the importance of family and just how treasured it is, particularly as coming together doesn’t happen often.

And with that, I now leave you as I must alight from the plane and see what snowy fate awaits me!

Writing this, it sees me checking in the following morning from the plane journey I took yesterday.  You will be pleased to know that all was well on arrival.  Three inches of snow was received downtown although further out some places received thirty.  The sanitation department worked tirelessly to shift as much snow as possible and I woke to find it wasn’t anywhere near as terrible as was predicted.

My train to Montreal was cancelled and rebooked for the next day leaving me with a day to play in NYC.  I’ve wandered over to Times Square already and it’s unbelievable just how much of a ghost town it is.  I could hop, skip and jump from one sidewalk to another without having to wait for a walk sign because there were so few cars.  I’ve passed through New York many, many times before and that has always been an impossibility.


With so many silver linings I intend to venture out again and seek more of them and who knows where that will take me.  One thing I do know; however, is that the world is my snowy oyster.



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