The Journey To A Great Love


I was warned of his love of football.  I just hadn’t anticipated its enormity.

That was three years ago.

As the reality hit when we moved in together, I discovered Sundays were a write-off.  The whole day was football with no give.  Relieved, having spoken to a friendly stranger in an elevator she confirmed she lived the same life and I felt grateful I wasn’t the only one. I also discovered there was a name to connect us women together.  I had become a ‘football widow’.

I had been subjected to the 2012 Super bowl, (ironically that was when my beau and I first got together) and aside from the entertainment at half time I couldn’t understand what the hype was about.  The game kept stopping and starting which quite frankly made it exceedingly boring and it was just a bunch of men, colossally built, tripping over daisies and then jumping on each other to give an outstanding group hug.  Oh how wrong I was!

On arrival in Seattle it was a short time before the Super bowl.  The Seahawks are Seattle’s team and the atmosphere at the Super bowl was like nothing I had ever seen before.  The streets were a blur of navy, green and white, faces painted, flags, excitement, crowds all supporting their team, it was so wonderfully patriotic.  Employees wear Seahawks shirts every Friday and the buses have ‘Go Seahawks, Go!’ flashing every few seconds in between their destinations.  There was and remains a crane which has the Seahawks emblem lit up.  It shows a real sense of community.

To be there when the team won the Super bowl was quite an experience.

As the games began this season my beau was determined to get me to like football so he created a new beginners fantasy football league. As a ‘team manager’ I had to pick players from different teams for every position in order to create my own team.  I would play different people in our league each week and the points my players generated through their games would be added up to dictate my win or loss.

Dragged kicking and screaming I reluctantly succumbed to the barrage of “You’ll love it”, “Once you start playing you’ll really get in to it” and, “You’ll learn so much about the game” – but I don’t want to learn so much about the game!  The league began by putting in $20 each and overall winner takes all.

It all sounded like such a hassle.

However, I decided if I was going to do this, against my will I might add, I must do it properly.  I read football for dummies, beginner’s football and I looked on the NFL website to at least get a brief outline of how it works, positions, teams, players etc.

As the weeks went by a silent addiction grew which completely took me by surprise. I am not and have never been a sports fan, so this was pretty much a miracle.

With Jordy Nelson and Eddie Lacy from the Green Bay Packers on my fantasy team, each week they did me proud earning me more points.  Leaning more and more towards them and their team, that’s when my avid love for the Green Bay Packers was born.

As the fantasy league wound down (much to my dismay) after weeks of tension, shouting at the TV and getting increasingly competitive, week 16 drew near to conclude the season.  Having been very cocky at the start telling everyone I would win I really should have touched every bit of wood I could find; however, I walked away with $80 – I’d won! Not bad for a beginner.


The weekend just gone saw the Championship game between the Seahawks and Green Bay Packers.  With a city full of Seahawks fans it wasn’t going to be easy for me to outwardly show my support as much as I wanted.  I proudly wore my Packers hat a Christmas gift, on the way there but walked into one bar to be greeted with a significant amount of booing.  I’m not a fair weather fan so I held my head high.

To cut a long story short the Seahawks won and naturally it’s left a bitter taste in my mouth.  You can’t really have anything but respect for all the teams as they’re all playing hard.  The way the last quarter panned out for the Packers, Vic Ketchman a writer for the Packers put it beautifully, ‘It was as if a switch had been flicked’.  I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Walking out to cheers of jubilation, the lump in my throat grew until the tears fell, I was absolutely heartbroken.  Who knew that I could love a team so much? It was this moment that I realized just how devoted a fan I am of the Green Bay Packers.

‘Go! You Packers! Go!’




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