A Different New Year’s Resolution

With each year that comes New Year’s resolutions are accompanied.  I’ve heard countless amounts of ‘I’m going to the gym, I shall exercise more, I will lose weight, I won’t drink as much, and I’ll eat healthily’ etc. etc.  Although I’m not a big New Year’s resolution fan myself, I did decide last year on a more practical resolution.  I had been neglecting my oral health and decided flossing my teeth was the way forward.  I didn’t do too badly this last year.  There was of course the odd excuse in there such as, ‘it’s a bit late’ or ‘one day won’t matter’ but clearly, there’s always room for improvement!

In keeping with the idea of resolutions, I got to thinking about digging deeper to find more of a life-long resolution rather than one which will be successful if it makes it to five months.  I chose compassion, a challenging virtue but a virtue to aspire to none the less.  I’ve have referred to it countless times in this blog and it is a thread which will return numerous times no doubt as it is so essential to living.  It is one of those fundamentals which are the key to living life not only for your fellow man but also for your own wellbeing.  It isn’t an undertaking that you can say, “Okay, I’ve achieved learning compassion, next I’m going to work on learn how to be non-judgmental”.

Being the prehistoric technological imbecile that at times I can be (!) my last blog did not work quite as I had hoped! The video link that I had attached didn’t appear how I had desired it to and because of that I didn’t feel that it connected with the content of what I had written.  So as I continue to blog and learn, here is the appearance of the link which I hoped would have appeared last week! After all it can never be too great a reminder to consider others in our society and the difficulties that they experience. How such minimal changes we can make in our attitude by implementing compassion and understanding can generate such change.  And so we consider the butterfly effect…



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