Diversity & Discrimination – Here’s Hoping For A Better Future


Only five days into 2015 and it really has started with a bang!  I’ve passed the miserable phase when I feel lost and wonder where my life is going, I pulled myself right out of my post-Christmas/New Year’s pit.  If anything will change by bringing my aspirations to life, I am the only one who is able to do it (and believe me I have plenty of aspirations!)  Now it’s just about figuring out which medium of transport I need to take in order to reach my far away destinations.

One of the greatest challenges in 2014 has not being able to exercise for the last seven months.  I have slowly deflated like a giant helium balloon.  Exercising releases those splendid endorphins and for me it gives the feeling that the world is a happier place and that I am lucky enough to be knocking around in it.  So pre and post-surgery was terribly exasperating for me.  Next came the side effects from experimenting with the AED’s.  That continued to stop me being active and the only thing I was doing was sailing, (reference to the sensation of sailing in a boat that I was having!). Taking into consideration the double vision I was having, technically, I was actually sailing in two boats! To have added exercise to that would have made it a complete recipe for disaster.

However, on the up side a ukulele and a sewing machine were two of my Christmas gifts.  It is these that will offer me even more opportunities to be creative in 2015.  Having nailed ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ by Israel Kamakawiwo I also found I can strum ‘The Crocodile Rock’ by Elton John; however, now my sights are now on Elvis Presley’s ‘A Fool Such As I’.  Naturally, these are all songs you would expect a ukulele novice to be learning first, particularly as I’m not familiar with all the chords yet.


My sewing machine has seen me busily looking for sewing classes. Today saw a nice long visit to the library as I diligently looked through practically every book to decide which had the largest volume of beginners craft ideas.  Additionally, I thought information about how to use the sewing machine, stitches; maintenance etc. would also be rather handy.  Now I have found the world is my oyster and this door has flown open with such force that the strength of its hinges has been well and truly tested.

Of course last but not least and probably the most important of them all is the advocacy for epilepsy.  Can you believe it, this blog is nearly one year old? I have had and will continue to have plenty of subject matter to write about, some may say it’s verbal diarrhea but the main thing is I remain creating it – thank you so much for your patience!

With the month’s art exhibition complete and the gallery wanting it to stay in the gallery (woo hoo!), I also had the privilege of working with a friend of mine Kevin Henry.  He is the Communications Coordinator for Cultural Diversity in Bellevue. He was in the process of making a film which focuses on diversity inclusive of race and community.  It highlights all aspects of relocation including; language, culture, diet and general every day activities which are taken for granted unless you, yourself have been in this position.  Of the various people and their countries, it was fascinating to hear what each and every one of their struggles was and the adjustments that they found the easiest when acclimatizing to America.

One of the topics I was asked if I would be willing to speak about was epilepsy on both a personal level and from the advocacy perspective.  As I’ve said before within this blog I feel it very important to be open about this condition.  If you are comfortable with being brutally honest about your experiences, talking contributes to the worldwide education.

This was a perfect opportunity for me to express the difficulties and alienation which many are subjected to. I had an opportunity to explain the stigma which is attached to epilepsy and perhaps most importantly the basic but essential actions to take when somebody has a seizure and you are not familiar with the protocol.

Now there is an edited, sparkly copy. I have attached the link to the video at the top of the post which conveys some of the realities that immigrants face when relocating.

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