Happy New Year!


With the thrill of Christmas departing till next year, the anticipation for the New Year now increases.  Excitement and preparation for parties and other events grow and require new purchases of dresses/clothes, shoes and accessories for both the chaps and chapesses.

New Year’s Day emerges with hangovers and flashbacks of emotional declarations of just how much you love each and every one of your friends (and you really do!).  There is the sadness magnified a hundred fold with tears spilling uncontrollably down numerous faces over woes long gone but they are now officially slipping away into the past year.

My New Year celebrations over the years have comprised of diverse evenings.  When I was younger I attended various parties accompanied by dancing, flirting, eating and unanimous drinking (and yes I remember a few sobbing incidents!)  What was special is that I can look back and say that the people I spent it with were so special to me that even if the activity wasn’t brilliant, my friends always were.


As I’ve got older things have changed as they do for everyone, (minus a few).  The thought of going out now just seems a plain effort.  Getting dressed up, the buying of the clothes in order to get dressed up, the accessories that go with the buying of the clothes in order to get dressed up, it is  a lot of effort!  Then of course getting home – it’s never an easy task.

The best New Year I can think of is staying at home with friends, good food, enjoying a drink or two (excluding me this year courtesy of my meds) to see the New Year in.  I am excited for this New Year’s Eve as that is exactly what will be happening at our apartment.

For many years I have found that as each day in December passes I become increasingly miserable/depressed/sad – call it what you like but it’s the same as each year draws to a close.  It’s only recently that I have managed to figure out why this occurs.  I simply struggle with the transition from one year to the next.  I become more and more introvert.  As I say, I enjoy low key celebrations but if I attend more elaborate events it’s an anti-climax and I feel disappointed.

I prefer to reflect over the past year; what I’ve enjoyed, what I haven’t, what I can learn and take from my experiences, what I want to bring into my life in the next year, what I want my life and me to be.  My mind and body need that solitary time to process all that has been and all that’s to come.  New Year’s Eve is the hardest day as I rarely find myself alone.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t not enjoy quieter celebrations.

I have a beautiful tradition which has been part of my New Year for the last five years.  Two other friends would take part in it when we were living closer together creating a thread which ran between us solidifying the connection.

On a piece of paper I write what I have been grateful for over the past year and what I want to attract in to my life in the forthcoming year.  I have found it is essential to take care when specifying what to bring into the following year, as the saying goes; ‘Be careful what you wish for as what you want isn’t necessarily what you need’.

It is then rolled up into a scroll and tied with red ribbon.  The red ribbon represents many qualities; qualities that I want to have in my life.  See the link below for a full list and explanation.


However, the scroll I make from the year before I first read before creating my new one.  It’s always fascinating to compare my hopes and dreams that were for then, the following year to that of the events that have taken place over the year that is now being left behind (if others have chosen to take on this tradition for the first time you won’t have another scroll to compare with).  The scroll for the forthcoming year is written as above and the old scroll is burned. This validates the most recent one.

So with 2015 just around the corner I reflect and thank 2014 for all that it has brought me. I show gratitude for both the negative and positive experiences, ill health and good, new friends and old, my move to Seattle and the contentment and happiness it has brought me and my relationship that has grown stronger and stronger with each day that has passed.  It is with this that I leave you knowing I am truly blessed and I hope on reflection you realize you are too.





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