It Finally Happened!


Saturday 6th was the big night!  That night saw the official opening of the exhibition at the ANT Gallery and it went superbly.  Having been nervous prior to the opening, I found it to be one of those situations which left me questioning how relevant and adequate the quality of my project was in comparison to some of the stunning paintings, photographs etc.  Are people going to stop by look at mine and walk away thinking it simple? Would they even class it as art?  Perhaps not.  The pieces are incomparable.  Mine is different as it is photography with the goal being to raise awareness.  It is not technically to show my professionalism which would be a necessity if it was my career.  It was fun and distinct in how it was created. However, I did want to have a go in making it as ‘arty’ as I possibly could and it really sent my imagination into overdrive.

As I saw people roll in and look at each piece, I had a warm feeling.  I realized that no matter what the public think, it is the message behind the project which is the most valuable attribute as it reaches out informing people of its purpose.  A big thank you goes to those who were able to be there and a big thank you goes to friends and family and the public who weren’t able to be there but supported me from afar.

It’s not too late and if you should wish to donate please contact me directly at or alternatively through the WordPress blog.

80% of all money given will go to Harborview Epilepsy Center and 20% will cover reproduction of the images plus mailing costs.  If you would like to contribute but without requesting a photograph 100% will go directly to the cause.

I feel blessed to have a donation of $100 already from the Camphill Community in Kimberton Hills and a number of people who are requesting copies of the images which is superb.  The photographs will be posted in due course but for now, here’s a taster of a few of the images within the exhibition.




4 thoughts on “It Finally Happened!

    1. Thankyou! Don’t apologize, it isn’t blatatly obvious and could mean all manner of things. It stands for North West. There is a ‘.org’ round the corner but it’s hidden. It’s the closest Epilepsy Foundation in Washington.


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