High Fat, Low Fat, Keto, Atkins, Decisions Decisions..


Having tried practically every diet available connected to epilepsy, allergies and goodness knows what else, this article popped up in my inbox from the blog that my herbalist in England, Afifah Hamilton has.

In particular, this relates to the ketogenic diet which I tried in an attempt to control my absence seizures.  For many this works but unfortunately for me I didn’t have any success; however, in certain aspects it made me feel healthier than I had ever been.  My skin was flawless and looked like porcelain, I had bags of energy, I never had that ‘after lunch lethargy’ at work, my appetite decreased, I had a noticeable weight loss, my dandruff disappeared and things that I never knew were an issue previously, disappeared making me aware that they had been present in the first place!  I’d have a fry up for breakfast doused in butter and it amazed me how that diet could make me feel so good.  At lunch if couldn’t decide what to have I’d run to the supermarket and buy a pot of double cream and drink it at my desk much to the disgust of my work colleagues, it was quite the experience.

It is also similar to that of the Atkins diet which all the celebs were going crazy about as you lose weight quickly.  For me it just got me down to my regular size as the consumption of carbohydrates and dairy together are the tinkers which pile on the pounds.

However, the two things I really suffered with were intense cravings (that you would not believe) and constipation. This is natural and I was pre-warned.  It would initially occur until my body got used to the diet.  Unfortunately for me it never disappeared and the cravings just intensified and I didn’t know why.  It may have been because there wasn’t enough carbohydrate in my diet and the only vegetables I could consume were the ones that were low in carbs.

I’ve spoken to many people who this does work for and they swear by it.  Also I spoke with a chap who had epilepsy and he had changed his lifestyle and eating habits to revolve around this method of eating.  He had found his seizure control was greatly improved.  Obviously for those who are lactose intolerant, this is really not going to be one for you (!) hence why it doesn’t suit everyone.

So having tried and tested, I learned it wasn’t an effective method to reduce seizure activity but I discovered I needed a low carb diet. I’d allow myself treats every now and again and it worked perfectly.  Sugar is the big killer though so I try and keep that to a minimum.  One of my favorites to avoid processed sugar is sunflower butter and sliced apple.  If you want something sweet it doesn’t get much better than that!

So with that, I will leave you to read the article as it is extremely interesting and it even has scientific evidence to boot!




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