A Love Story… Technology & Me

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Technology. The days of knowing how to deal with electrical problems, (more like mashing the buttons and putting unknown leads in unknown places whilst hoping for the best) have long passed me by.  It leaves me looking on enviously at the kids (and adults) with their new-fangled gadgets which I wouldn’t even know where to begin using.

Regarding computer issues, the conversations are always accompanied by a significant amount of mirth from others and it’s normally from the beau as he has a degree in computer science.  This makes my ineptitude magnified a hundred fold.  However, on the up side, there is always somebody in my household who I can plea with to help me.  Normally my pleas are somewhat like, “Can you help me pleeeease?  I’ll make you a coffee or put a beer in the freezer if you do!”  This is alongside a big toothy yet hopeful smile.

I am always ‘encouraged’ to figure electrical or more specific computing, out for myself.  I agree that is a sensible option – on occasions.  My train of thought is, ‘Yes I could do that; however, let’s be honest, I am extremely unlikely to resolve a complicated issue by myself therefore surely it makes sense to save time and tell me outright?

Gone are the days of Acorn computers, cassette tapes, records and videos.  I remember when I first started high school, (which looking back makes me feel dreadfully old because that was twenty two years ago), Year 7 saw computer skills classes introduced.  Everyone was in awe of the electric typewriters.  My goodness, we were so ahead of our time! It made life so much easier than the original typewriters.  But then, then came the Acorn computers.  Good Lord now we were flying into the 21st century!

Looking back, now they were ridiculously old school.  Now there are tablets, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod touch, mini and shuffle, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and lest we forget the original iPhone – the mind boggles.  That’s just the Apple products…


I remember when I’d take this class I always had a headache.  With the concept being so new and a screen so close to my eyes it would appear the epilepsy and computers didn’t mix particularly well.  Needless to say, I ended up skipping that class.  Perhaps it has contributed to my electrical illiteracy.

Generally, I don’t care much for computers which is extremely ironic seeing as I’m a writer!!  However, it’s all about obtaining a balance for these activities.

One of my happiest times was living in an apartment where they hadn’t installed broadband which allowed television access.  I was as happy as Larry as it encouraged me to find different interests.  If I wanted to watch anything I had my laptop and a few DVD’s.  In Camphill we watched a lot less television.  We’d pop to the movies now and again and the villagers got to watch a video each Sunday.  Don’t get me wrong, I like watching some television.  Even more so if it’s a gripping television series that returns each week for the next instalment which I’ve been dying to see.  But I would also be content if it was minimal or obsolete, in my life at least.

Bottom line?  I feel it has become a metal box which controls a lot of lives.  It is relied on too much for enjoyment.  If it wasn’t in houses for one reason or another for many it would create an enormous amount of distress.  There would be a plethora of people who wouldn’t have any idea what to do with themselves let alone receive enjoyment from much else.  That’s why I feel blessed to have the best of both worlds with the ability to differentiate between the two.

A prime example of my technological crisis’ is that I recently received a new computer.  It’s wonderful but I faced the daunting task of transferring work, files, music, pictures etc. over to my new one.  Deary me.  I had absolutely no idea where to start.  I wanted to install Office on there and not only did I keep my product key,  I brought it with me too!  Anyhow, I thought it would be easy to download it and put in the product key but no, it had absolutely no intent of allowing the software instalment.  It may as well have had a sign on the screen saying ‘Just Don’t Bother’.

After giving one of my special toothy smiles, the beau came and fiddled with it and it worked like a dream – of course it did.  I must add to that what he did was what I had attempted but computers just love him so I’ve decided to name him ‘The Computer Whisperer’.



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