Fall Food Deliciousness


Last week’s crafty blog really got me thinking.

Fall makes me feel crafty but it also makes me think about food.  Particularly soups.  There’s nothing quite like warm soup and a crusty roll when you’re inside and you see the leaves dancing in the air on a blustery day.  You’ve got your woollies on, slippers and a homemade soup heating up.

Cooking is a very therapeutic activity.  The love which goes into making a dish is absorbed by the food resulting in greater enjoyment.

I’ve only managed one soup so far but I’m into the groove and there will be plenty of vegetabley goodness to come.   I like chucking all the veggies, a lot of which are coming to the end of their life, in, alongside stock, salt and pepper and whatever herbs, spices etc.  I cook them down and throw them into the blender.  Boom, there’s lunch for the week!

It was only recently that after a dietary discussion I realized that perhaps I wasn’t eating as many vegetables as I should be.  I’m healthy, I do a lot of cooking, I include sugar in my diet and occasionally the naughty stuff – a Sprite every now and then or a sneaky cake but try not to overdo it.  However, it was brought to my attention that a few olives, salad and very little hot veg every now and again really wasn’t cutting it.  Every day I needed to be eating more veggies than I was.

So, feeling a little disheartened yet thinking it was an issue easy to resolve, it seemed that soup was a perfect place to start.  I’ve been putting pretty much whatever I want in.  There’s rice, pasta, pearl barley, meats and even fish should that float your boat, you can make it what you want.  It’s those pesky carbs though. They’ve been creeping in despite trying to maintain a low carb diet – that’s true willpower for you, or not!  I’ve been trying to replace rice or pasta with potatoes and veg.  Since making the changes I began to appreciate just how few veggies I did eat.  However, things are looking up.  I started off small and increased those changes and now I’m getting to the place I want to be. Awareness is the key as well as motivation and self-control.  Yes, the latter continues to be something I’m working on, no reminder required!


With regards the epilepsy and food, with my daily intake of chemicals, I need to be as good to my body as I can possibly be.  I need to give it as many nutrients as I can to replenish the various vitamins that the anti-convulsants deplete. As an aside, any drug takes a toll on your body, slowly wearing down the immune system thus making you prone to minor illnesses.  By instigating healthy eating, I’m providing more support for the extra work my body has to undertake on a daily basis. Whether it’s a good constitution, genetics or the type of food I choose to eat (the latter which without a doubt has had a positive impact), I should give my body a pat on the back for functioning so well, it does a cracking job.

Additionally, having had a diagnosis of endometriosis earlier in the year, I was seeking out alternative options including dietary possibilities to improve the symptoms.  I was given the orthodox advice to begin taking hormones. Quite honestly, the thought of that made me feel like it would be the very last option to turn to as I wanted to explore other avenues first.  The major reason for this preference is that I am constantly aware of my taking more medication in addition to the epilepsy meds. My body will be under a much greater strain and in particular having consumed narcotics and painkillers for the best part of three months.  Then there was the surgery followed by recovery, it was just a thought that I didn’t and don’t relish.

The link below is a personal website that I initially found to cover nutritional and general information just in case there should be any ladies reading who suffer with this condition too.  However, it is advisable to go to a naturopath before putting any of these suggestions into practice and I am searching for just that in Seattle before making any crazy life changes.  Everybody’s requirements and bodies respond differently to different treatments so it’s important to take that into consideration.


I have very little left to write except that in a few moments I will be striding towards my fridge to have a good rummage in it. I shall be deciding which vegetables can go in my soup today, and I might just push the boat out and throw some rice in for good measure!


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