Fundraising With Cake? Yes Please!

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Hello dear followers,

As you know, for the last eight months I have been dedicating my time to being an epilepsy advocate.  I have created ‘Finding Freedom with Epilepsy’ from which this blog was born.  I began various social media sites and have been assisting on a campaign with the Cameroon Epilepsy Foundation aiming to improve conditions in the villages there.  No doubt this will be familiar as I document a lot of my advocacy and additional work here on my blog.

Did you know epilepsy is the source of more deaths than breast cancer?

And that there are approximately 65 million people worldwide who suffer with epilepsy?

So, with November being epilepsy month I decided to undertake a related photographic project.  This is in order to help raise awareness for the condition as it is so desperately needed.

As I traveled abroad for most of October, I decided to take photos of everyday objects and scenes that have purple featured in them both obviously and otherwise.  I incorporated both because not everything in life is easily recognizable.   Now, I am no professional but I chose to use a camera phone to do this, after all, isn’t that what the kids are doing these day?! But joking aside the reason I chose this option was because it is nothing out of the ordinary.  It is how life is lived, you want to take a picture you whip out your cell phone and take it.  Not everyone has the luxury of a professional digital camera.

My message behind this project is to demonstrate to people that the pictures are images that we see every day; however, most go unnoticed because they are just ‘there’.  They are not immediately obvious and with some of the images it is similar to ‘Where’s Wally’, except with the color purple!  I know as I undertook the photography, I never realized just how many purple objects there were in cities, villages, buildings, restaurants, gardens etc. That is the same with epilepsy.  It goes unnoticed by many, other than those who have it.  There aren’t neon signs above our heads which point downwards saying ‘epileptic’ and the only time someone tends to notice is if we had a grand mal seizure.

Excitingly, I have just managed to secure an allocated space in a local Seattle art gallery who will exhibit my work in December.

Having epilepsy myself, I am keen to do all I can to fundraise for this cause. This blog post is me reaching out to you to ask if you would be willing and able to donate, no matter how large or small.  I appreciate it’s not always easy because money isn’t always in abundance but if you can, it would be gratefully received.  By achieving my goal it means we are one step closer to raising awareness and the funds raised go towards the research which will one day find a cure.  This in turn will improve the lives of those 65,000,000 with epilepsy.

Thank you so much for those who have already donated, we’re forever getting closer to the goal.

Happy Friday!

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Epilepsy Foundation Northwest

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