Sleeping Beauties


Here I am having safely arrived in England reacquainting myself with the culture, architecture and most importantly the rain!  It is a home away from home as Seattle is starting its ‘rainy’ season which we were warned about prior to moving.  For me, it didn’t make much of a difference as rain is in my DNA.  Surprisingly enough, I discovered just how British I am during the heat of the summer.  I was sweltering during the days and as much as I love the sunshine there were little cries of, ‘I’m melting’ which escaped as I prayed for just one cloudy day to break up the heat.  I shouldn’t really be complaining should I?!

It’s quite ironic really because as much as I love the sunshine I am wondering whether I am morphing into one of those Brits who continually complain about every type of weather.  If it rains it’s too wet and it’s not enjoyable to be outside.  In the heat it’s just too hot and unbearable, affecting our ability to function.  If it’s cloudy for any length of time there are complaints that there’s not enough sun.  If it’s winter it’s too cold and should it snow, G-d forbid as that stops public transport and it’s a pain to get anywhere or do anything.  No wonder the Aussie’s call us whinging poms!

I don’t remember where I heard this but it’s very apt, ‘there is no such thing as bad weather if you’re dressed appropriately for it’.

When I was living in England, I was fortunate enough to be able to walk to work along the prom as I lived right beside the sea.  On getting out of bed I’d peek out of the window to see what the weather was doing and if it was raining heavily my heart couldn’t help but sink a little.  ‘Alright’, I thought, ‘this calls for the heavy’s’.  So I donned my motorcycle waterproof trousers and jacket, (clothes from a previous life) and proceeded to walk to work looking like the michelin man, rustling loudly and walking as if I was making my way through a snow drift.  As soon as I got to work stepping into the office I undressed and as intended, was dry as a bone.  I couldn’t help but smile smugly to myself as everyone else had drowned on the way in.  The fact that I looked utterly ridiculous en route was long forgotten.

As I sit here writing this blog I look out of my window I see the grey clouds dominating the sky as the rain falls.  There’s something so lovely about listening to the sound of the rain as it pitter patters against my window, almost hypnotic.  It got me to thinking about my sleeping routine and my probably unreasonable response to how my beau falls asleep. He has the sound of the sea and rain resounding throughout the room from his phone through speakers.  If I’m honest, (which I have been don’t you worry!) it drives me absolutely nuts.  I don’t know why because it doesn’t really differ from the real thing but I figure it must be a certain level of sound which is sporadic enough to stimulate my brain.  Although the sound is quiet it appears to magnify as it arrives at my ears. It becomes the only thing my mind can focus whilst my brain dances around in my head telling me it’s payback time having worked so hard during the day.

sleeping man


In a bid to override my brain’s tomfoolery, for one reason or another we had to buy a dehumidifier.  Sing Hosannas!  Not only did it block out the sound of nature but it had a sound level that didn’t interfere with my brain functions.  Sleep has been joyous.  As an aside, a very important point regarding sleep is that it is essential if you have epilepsy.  It is so important to get enough of those precious zzz’s as tiredness can lead to increased seizure activity and believe me, I speak from experience.

So on that sleepy note I think it’s time for me to treat myself to a power nap.  A valuable and blissful addition to my day introduced by my wonderful beau who has the reputation of being the king of all nappage.



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