The Underlying Meaning of A Tattoo

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Life is so fragile.  Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to know that what is happening in our life both positive and negative, will not last forever.  Our lives are constantly changing.  We never live the same precious moment twice.

Today has been very significant in light of this.

My mum is the wisest person I know.  It’s not just because she’s my mum but because she has lived and experienced so much from when she was young through to where she is now. With the many hurdles for me (and looking back now insignificant ones too!), she always had words of wisdom for me.

Perhaps one of the most important quotes that I won’t forget is, ‘And this too shall pass’.

I thought it sounded lovely and I could relate it to life. ‘Yes’ I thought, ‘That’s a delightful quote and so very appropriate’.  However, what I failed to realize was as nice as I thought it sounded, I never fully understood it.

As I scrambled through the years fighting through the lessons that were being thrown at me, those five words kept returning intermittently. I would acknowledge them but continue on my merry way.  It is only recently that I have learned to value them for what they actually mean.

There are numerous situations which test us.  Some more than others but nonetheless we eventually find the light at the end of our tunnel.  It is when those strong emotions and incidents occur that we need to remember that this moment isn’t going to last forever.  Believe me, I know at times this seems impossible!

With time and all that my life has encompassed, I‘ve tried so hard to remember the phrase my Great Granddad would say which was ‘Keep your pecker up’ during the periods that weren’t going as smoothly as I’d ideally like.

Having epilepsy has made my existence unpredictable to say the least.  It has brought frustration, at times anger, a plethora of other emotions alongside feelings of deprivation as achieving goals has been so much harder.  It was not just with the tonic clonic seizures (grand mal) either.  Now the absences have decreased I can appreciate how tricky life had been.  On bad days I could have up to eighty absences which left me spaced out and with terrible memory recollection.  I was functioning so slowly and with all of those components together the stress that my body was under was immense.  It was a catch twenty two situation.  Despite this I always forgot to call on those five little words to calm me down allowing myself to say, ‘You know what? You are entitled to have this reaction, look at everything you’re dealing with.  These are circumstances which won’t continue forever because tomorrow is a new day.’

Age has enabled me to observe how that phrase can be applied to everything in life.  When I say everything I really do mean everything.  In my present, I feel that although difficult situations will come my way I will work through them so I can take on the world. When life decides to quiz me to see how much I can deal with, I am able to by-pass the negatives and treasure the positives as all good things pass just as much as the bad.

I was thinking this morning as I decided the subject of my blog, ‘How can that quote be applied to a relationship when some relationships don’t always end?’  The answer became clear and it is this; it isn’t the relationship that will necessarily end but what it is comprised of.  We as human beings are constantly changing and evolving therefore a relationship will mirror that.  We learn, we change, we become wiser and we gain more knowledge.

This year has been quite the rollercoaster with several relocations, a change in epilepsy medications, working through the side effects, a cancer scare, a diagnosis of another condition and surgery but I find none of that matters because it has all passed and life has moved on as it does.  There were times when I felt lost, wondering how to process certain aspects of this but I eventually reached a place of peace understanding the ‘why’s’ and the ‘how’s’.  I deem this quote as one of my most central principles.


So on a completely different note, I have been considering having another tattoo.  I am addicted and have often been very stern when talking myself out of what could be a grave mistake!  However, with the cancer scare in particular, it really brought home to roost that I needed to practice what I preach.  I decided what better way to practice than to be able to look down at my wrist and see it imprinted for the rest of my days where it pertains all of life’s encounters.


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