Seattle: My Top Five


While the bus system works very well here, hopping on and hopping off is a relatively painless experience.  Today was not one of those days.  It just seemed like the bus couldn’t have been going any slower.  Typically, I had somewhere to be and luckily I didn’t miss the appointment.  Surprising really considering I got lost in the maze like corridors of the hospital.  As it became a race for time I transformed into Usain Bolt sprinting from the East to West Wing riding the elevator to the wrong floors (far more than was necessary) much to the distain of the smurf coloured staff.

After eventually leaving the rabbit warren having unintentionally visited the café, the laundry, radiology, an operating theatre, gift shop, pharmacy and accounts department trying to find the exit, I opted to walk.  The bus smugly drove by as I was wandering down 3rd Ave; however, I got the better deal as it was such a pleasant day.  I embraced the coolness of fall but savoured the sunshine bestowed upon me as a contrast to the warmth.

As I continued to pootle back, I observed many elements which make the city my home.  There, my blog was created, five things I love about Seattle.

  1. The cafes. After moving here I did a café crawl to acquaint myself with the city.  I inhabited cafes in different areas for hours on end as I ferociously typed away.  Who knew that tea could be something that you could make terribly, it’s just milk, water and a bag, right? No, it is not, there is good tea and bad tea.  My research has proved that Starbucks are in the lead, my favourite location being on the fortieth floor in the tallest building in Seattle which hosts the most magnificent view.  Another aspect of the coffee shop joys is striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know and sharing smiles over a common denominator.


  1. The water. Here in Seattle we are lucky enough to have two bodies of water.  The city is located in between the Puget Sound (an inlet to the Pacific Ocean) and Lake Washington.  The second body of water I am referring to is in the area of South Lake Union.  The summer gone by has seen the lake as a magnet for children, families, animals and the elderly.  They walk, swim, dive off the bridge, picnic, read in the shade with their transportable chairs, play boule and feed the ducks. The water planes launch and alight amidst the sail boats which bob up and down.  I so often stop to sit down to watch the world go by and make myself part of the view, undertaking my variation of the same theme.


3.The warmth of the people. Everyone has their own experience of a city and its people, but Seattle evokes a feeling of home for me.  Perhaps it’s because I am British and have an accent which the residents seem to be particularly fond of.  I find it to be a conversation starter.  It is then that I experience the warmth of the ‘Seattleites’ through their curiosity and interest despite the circumstances from which they originate.  Smiles and conversation are started and heart-warming smiles exchanged leaving you no option but to subtly beam as you go on your way.


  1. The $5 flowers. My.Goodness.Me.  Pike Place Market is forever busy.  Even in the weekdays when people return to work it is still filled to the brim with tourists.  The skill of ducking and diving is required and mine has drastically improved since I moved here!  Lucky for me and many others the flower stall is immediately to the right.  With bunch after bunch in varying colours, varieties and sizes, the fragrance of mother-nature is thick in the air making you pleasantly heady.  My favourite feature when the challenging task of choosing a bouquet presents itself is seeing the bees busily collecting pollen and loving the flowers just as much as me.


  1. Our home. Our home is very special.  Filled with love from the little family that lives there we go about our daily business and return to the place that offers safety, security and complete relaxation.  Our balcony is my favourite place at night. There’s the clear view of the space needle exquisitely lit with the navy blue sky as its backdrop.  Depending on the weather there may even be stars peeping out in between the clouds.  The most majestic for me however, is the Seattle skyline.  All the buildings standing so strong and masculine provide yet a vulnerable beauty.  Red lights blinking from the cranes on the construction sites only enhance this view, surprisingly enough.


So there you have it, my city.  An insight into the elements I love and knowing the city loves me back just as much because it doesn’t pretend to be anything else but itself.


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