The Joys Of Fall


Today feels like the very first day of fall.  Fall is my favourite season.  The sun shines giving you a false sense of security but as soon as you get into the fresh air, fresh is exactly what it is.  It has an edge to it, slightly cutting but not so much that it whips and slices your face.  It’s just enough to let you know that it’s time for your wardrobe to reinvent itself.

It unknowingly plants the seeds of boots, woollies, jackets and maybe even scarves.  Today is a long pants day for me.  With additional layering, my body desperately tries to cling to the warmth of summer.  My feet obstinately continue to wear flip flops. This, needless to say is much to the dismay of the rest of my body which is trying to keep the nerves in my toes active for fear of imminent frostbite.  After a brief bus ride, perhaps not so suitably attired some might say I have landed at an undiscovered coffee shop and here I find myself tip tapping away with thoughts of fall, crunchy leaves, woolly scarves, hats, warm tea and comfort.

Part of the pleasure of this season is that as soon as September hits the duration through till New Year is the time I love more than any other.  Christmas decorations are in the shops early in the month, (I know, I know it’s depressing and unnecessary!) but it brings excitement knowing that Christmas is on its way.  My birthday also creeps up at the end of the month which is icing on the autumnal cake.  October and November follow suit, heightening the Christmas excitement as the time to gift hunt rolls around. I begin to scrutinize the stores putting oodles of thought into who would like what.

I am a fan of combining bought and creatively made Christmas gifts.  I always like to put my stamp on some of the presents.  Athough love is contained in both bought and made, I like to apply my personal stamp to the handmade.  The process of present buying and making expresses the active thought of deciding what someone might appreciate and it is the element I treasure.

I have never been a last minute buyer.  The early preparation, a trait which extends through many areas of my life, packing a suitcase being one, allows me to exhale with relief and avoid my OCD tendencies!  In addition to that I can never do all the buying in one month because of finances.  My family are spread out all over the world and the postal service demands that I have everything wrapped, custom formed up and sealed.  It is only then that they can begin their long journeys to the diverse worldwide destinations.

One of my favorite movies is Serendipity, (who doesn’t love John Cusack?!) and at the very beginning everyone is diving to grab last minute gifts on Christmas Eve.  It may only be a movie, but every time it never fails to create enough anxiety so that I have to be cajoled from behind the cushions of my sofa.

Returning to my love of fall I am reminded of a time in 2009 when I was living in the Camphill Community.  It’s always fun there as all the major holidays are celebrated and Halloween is no exception.  The co-workers organized a big party for the residents with games, music, dancing and snacks.  One of the things I really loved was that everyone made a real effort to dress up with the materials available and enthusiasm was in abundance to complete the outfit.

Trying to be as creative as possible, I’d been racking my brains to try and figure out what my costume would be.  I had an idea but it was a little far-fetched and I wasn’t even sure if it was feasible, plus it would take an immense amount of time to create.  It would require a vast number of large leaves which we weren’t short of throughout the woodland and so I decided to accept the mission of becoming fall.

I spent hours pinning leaves to a clear garbage bag.  This was neither a quick nor easy process! After many nights of dedication my costume was complete.  As a finishing touch I created a crown of leaves.  Needless to say once complete, this costume was an absolute success.  I was so proud of it and that it was so original.

So as I near the end of sharing my love of fall with you in its many forms the time to locate socks is long overdue.  My tea is now cold and my blog written so till the next time dear friends, I must leave to catch my bus which will deliver me to the warmth of my delightfully snuggy apartment.




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