Have You Counted Your Blessings?


This week just passed plus a few days, has been made up of countless simple pleasures.  I want to share these as it shows that an appreciation for simplicity will bring a richness to life which otherwise is tricky to obtain.   All the events of this past week have been so wonderful they have made my heart sing.

On Thursday my beau and I drove to Vancouver.  We met briefly with my long-time friend and beau’s sister for dinner.  She introduced us to one of the best Indian restaurants I have been to in North America. For us Brits Indian food is our national dish and there are standards!  However, British Indian food and North American Indian food are very different let me tell you, but this restaurant was a winner.  Although the get together was short and sweet, the hugs and smiles were priceless.  So, with our bellies full we hopped in the car for the next leg of the journey.  To the ferry.

With night drawing in and autumn in the air we put on our hoodies and went for a wander.  I love the lateness when there are few people around and the night sky performs its ceremony of twinkling stars and if you’re fortunate, an enchanting softly lit moon.  On the ferry and out of the car we wandered upstairs.  I managed to nab a hot tea before everything closed and I sat down and read.  There were few people still milling about and the available seats looked longingly at the passengers walking by hoping it was them that would be chosen.

As I looked out the window faced with complete darkness and only my reflection for company, I warmed up and read my book.  Having arrived at our destination it was a quick hello, hug and off to bed for me.

The following days were particularly special as they offered me time to acquaint myself better with our friends.  With a large house in a peaceful location a veranda wrapped itself around the house surrounded by lush foliage in every shade of green.  Comfy seats, tables and a bbq gave way to plenty of time sitting and talking as the rain came down.  I love kids and probably a little too broodily I sat playing with their daughter. It never ceases to amaze me how much entertainment can be gleaned from playing with kitchenware, who knew Pyrex was so much fun?! Our time there was spent playing board games, walking, sitting on the beach eating fish and chips as we listened to music, talking, playing 20 (a cross between basketball and netball), cooking good food and enjoying being together.  But all too soon it was time to leave and off we went making our way home.


Labor Day saw me waking up a complete grump.  I was surprised as my beau hadn’t even noticed when I apologized.  I’m wondering if that’s a compliment or not, did he think this was no change from normal?!  The morning continued as it had started, bundled up on the elephant (our couch if you remember!) catching up on recorded TV shows that were piling up.  Eventually reality set in and the time came for us to pull ourselves out of our chasm of relaxation and my beau went into the wild, being rugged and hunting to find some unsuspecting ingredient for dinner.  Well actually, he went to Wholefoods but even so he was still getting food for dinner just not quite as dramatically!

On his return, I was presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers.  It’s those considerate thoughts which fleetingly pass through someone’s mind the impact of which means the world to the receiver. Perhaps even more than the intention of giving.

So there is a story behind the ingredients which I shall divulge. A few days before, I was presented with a menu.  Noted down were three options for an appetizer, entrée and dessert.  He decided that he wanted to cook a gourmet meal and got right on it. Being prepared was BBQ Cajun shrimp, red wine braised lamb loin with spinach and rice followed by a palate cleansing lemon sorbet.  My friends, it was to DIE for. Paired with a glass of wine, probably should have been red but I’m more of a white girl myself, a delectable meal had been created and the company that I’m at my happiest in was sat beside me.

My blessings aren’t complete just yet.  Friends and family grace us this weekend, occasions which are rare yet precious.  It is often in the ‘now’ that blessings can truly be appreciated.  Although we are by no means perfect, whether at the time or in hindsight it is those blessings which build special memories that later conjure gratitude and love.  This week my blessings have been well and truly counted, have you counted yours?




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