H2O – The Debate

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The symbol of Libra is the scales which lucky for me is my astrological sign.  Some of the more well-known qualities are balance and harmony which at times is a blessing and a curse.  “How wonderful to have such attributes” I hear you say and I would reply, “it certainly is”.  However, on the flip side of that coin when there are discussions or arguments I so often get caught up as I see both points of view. This supports (my excuse perhaps!) why my debating skills aren’t what they potentially could be.  If someone puts forward a solid point of view with evidence my thoughts are often, ‘actually, you know what, that makes perfect sense’! Consequently, I find myself jumping off my own bandwagon and on to someone else’s which is traveling in completely the opposite direction.  Very helpful as I’m sure you can imagine.

It seems recently that there is quite the debate in both social media and even the newspapers about the ice bucket challenge.  What started off as a lowkey positive charity fundraiser has spread and escalated worldwide and it finds itself the center in a sea of controversy.  With people chucking ice cold water over their heads, much to the entertainment of friends and voyeur’s I’ve read articles and viewed comments criticizing this in relation to the effect it is having on the water shortage.

I still maintain the view that this challenge is nothing short of phenomenal.  ALS has topped an immense $100 million in donations since it began on July 29.  For that duration of time in 2013 it raised only $2.3 million


I don’t dispute that the water shortage is an extremely valid concern but come on, for a charity to generate such a colossal amount for a cause whose awareness is so minimal, the goodness of the human heart cannot be criticized.

It is funny, when these shenanigans began to escalate I hadn’t considered the idea of the water shortage.  I was so charity focused (definitely not a bad thing), and being frank, I can’t help but feel a little embarrassed about it.  I think it’s all about balance.  There are countless environmental issues which need to be attended to that aren’t.  How many of us compost food?  Many of us jet off to warmer climates for our vacations without a second thought for the poor old ozone layer whose hole is just growing.  What about recycling?  If you’re brutally honest with yourself I bet there are occasions when you don’t put something recyclable in your bin but think, oh it won’t hurt just this once, I do recycle everything else.  I’m sure the answer is yes.  How long do you take in the shower?  Do you stop the shower when you stick your head out to shampoo your lovely long locks?  I’m taking a wild guess that the answer is no.  I am by no means preaching I’m just airing a few thoughts as I do in my blog.  These have flown through my mind in the ever, I-can-see-both-sides-of-the-story-and-can’t-really-make-up-my-mind-which-side-to-stick-to.  Darn you Libra!

I think my snowballing water concerns are occurring because it seems everywhere I look water issues seem to be staring me in the face. This makes me feel terribly guilty which in some aspects is no bad thing.  It is the next book by Rachel Devenish Ford (which has me completely riveted no less) that opened my eyes to the reality of water usage.  She and her family live in India and I read so often how they are without water.  Laundry is on hold, dishes; even drinking is problematic because much of the water out there isn’t drinkable.  It is something which we take for granted because it flows delightfully from our faucets.  However, they seem to manage just fine with their situation although at times of course it can be tricky.  But life goes on and they manage because they have to.  She always writes about it in such a way that makes it appear humorous when realistically it may not be so.

Through my H2O research, I’ve found it alarming that in Canada the water rates are so low in comparison to other countries. It leaves Canada and North America in general as one of the biggest water users in the world leaving it as the number one offender.  The website I found below contains useful information regarding water usage and easy ways that you can conserve water in the home.


So while this precious liquid continues to be a major concern, the ALS Association has received $100 million in donations.  My belief is that it should not be criticized and condemned as an unworthy cause.  Research will thrive and lives will hopefully be saved further down the line and to think, it all started as a small challenge by a few friends.




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