Patience Is A Virtue

Patience  Patience by Debi Hubbs

Friends.  I touched on this subject in a blog a number of months ago (The True Meaning of Friendship April 30 2014).  One of the points I omitted to mention was specific events in life, you know, those hard times that push you to your limits.  This is when you rely on your friends and family to support you, love you and walk alongside you while you stumble, cry, fall, get up, and take a few steps forward then a few back finally deciding that actually you don’t want to move at all.  The offers of advice, wisdom and friendship come flooding in.  They really get to see you in all your glory.  No make-up, or if there is (for the ladies), it’ll be a mascara streaked face with your hair looking like you’ve just put your finger in a socket with a decent helping of grease to boot.  None of that matters because they love you, period.  That is the point at which the true colors emitting from your friendship network shine through.

For me this is a situation that is currently present in my life but that hasn’t always been the case.

I remember an occasion when I was at my first high school when I met what was a really good friend.  You know when you meet someone and you just click but you’re not sure why?  Well, that was us.  We both had health issues me with epilepsy and she had alopecia so we were quite the pair!  Our friendship increasingly got stronger and we were always together; sleep overs, visiting town at the weekends, dinner after school, the list was endless.  Even when I changed schools to major in dance at the performing arts school, she too had applied to the school and was accepted to major in media studies.  Sadly, this friendship ended suddenly.

Meeting up one weekend we were discussing our health conditions. I’d been having a few problems at the time with seizures but was feeling upbeat.  Knowing me I was probably articulating how grateful I was to have working legs or some such thing!  I remember her spitefully telling me I couldn’t possibly be happy and positive all the time as life doesn’t work like that.  I apparently also needed to take my rose tinted glasses off.   That told me!!  I guess that’s when I learned that as productive as positivity is not everyone views it in the same light.

So to return to the present.  From that above mentioned blog, I also wrote about how difficult it has been to meet people but since posting, I’ve continued to meet more truly special people.  Over the last couple of months they have shown just what goodness they have within.  Offers of help as well as to stay with me post-surgery, making meals and bringing me get well cards and gifts.  Some traveled all the way from Vancouver to offer care, others worked their schedules so that they could stop by to say hello for which I can say both I and my beau are so very grateful.

Prior to moving to Vancouver I had seen the movie, ‘Eat, Love, Pray’ which evoked a great deal of inspiration (I have yet to read the book).  Feeling moved by the character of Ketut and deciding I wanted to find my very own Ketut, I went on a search to learn more about that spiritual part of life.  I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed as I was hoping Vancouver would be ‘the place’ where it would all happen.  Unsurprisingly guru’s don’t tend to fall out of trees and certainly not the ones in Vancouver, so patience was required.

Inner Peace

Since moving to Seattle I had the good fortune of meeting someone who has become an immensely dear friend.  She moved from India and is one of the wisest people I know.  I discovered this through our spending increasing amounts of time together.  Sharing many of the same previous life events and interests, spirituality included, we immediately hit it off.  Her knowledge of spirituality is immense.  It is not just a singular entity there are so many different sub sections which intertwine that I had never considered.  I’m sure if you asked her she would be very modest and probably not agree but I think due to the culture it is simply a second nature.

She was there for me continuously throughout my recovery despite my frequent grumbling.  There are certain people who support you unconditionally and she is one of those treasures whose beauty and true colors radiate.  I secretly think of her as my guru (not so secret anymore!).  She has shown me that despite the trials of relocating and beginning these new adventures, friends (and guru’s) materialize but it is simply that patience is a virtue.





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