Do You Need To Be Forced To Slow Down?


Why, why, WHY is it so difficult to not do anything?!  You’d think when there’s a need to stop rushing around for your own wellbeing you would jump at the chance of doing absolutely nothing. Well, I say nothing but that ‘nothing’ means sleeping, taking to the sofa, reading or catching up on T.V plus anything else that falls into that category. That category is anything that doesn’t use vast amounts of energy that should be directed towards healing.   Nothing = not me!

Ultimately, it’s for my own health and if I don’t adhere to this I will have to accept the consequences.  I know I shouldn’t be doing anything strenuous but let’s be honest, the chores won’t do themselves.  I think it must be genetic as my mum and sister are exactly the same.  There is always something that needs to be done and if not we will find something to eliminate the ‘ants in our pants’ feeling!

Once I eventually succumb to sitting down to watch an episode of Orange is the New Black, it’s as if all the little pieces of dust and dirt become magnified in the carpet. They look at me and start to wave making their presence very clearly known soI can think of little else.  This has just increased the torture till I can no longer concentrate on my program and have to get up, walk around and at least empty or fill the dishwasher to alleviate my feelings of laziness.

I love writing and it’s an absolute blessing that I can sit down and be creative, it’s a perfect distraction.  It takes my mind off the magnified dust particles rising from the depths of what was once a foot friendly carpet.  It gives me pleasure as it’s productive because I churn out another blog post or undertake research.  So, in essence, I am being productive just not in the way that I want to be!

As I continued my research I came across this poignant article about stress. Unsurprisingly, we all know stress is detrimental to our bodies for prolonged periods of time, but this contained some facts that I wasn’t aware of:

Similarly, like Louise Hay’s sound belief in metaphysics, this article ties in with the theory that vital warning signs are presented to us.  They demonstrate the need to slow down, stop, or at least take a break.  Our bodies although breathtakingly intricate, can only withstand so much. If these warnings are not adhered to, the body will reach a point where it is unable to continue at the level that it was previously functioning at.

One of the more basic situations that force people to stop are back injuries.  So often I hear, “But I wasn’t doing anything particularly strenuous, I just bent over to pick something up” or words to that effect.  Once your back is ‘out’ you can barely  do anything other than lie down.  There is the underlying purpose, similar to the ideals of Louise Hay, that a revision of lifestyle is required.  It means looking far deeper into yourself rather than just surface to figure out what this is telling you.  It means using true honesty knowing there will be challenges ahead, but the bullet is required to be bitten to achieve that.

Lucky for me synchronicity offered me my opportunity to rethink my lifestyle.  The move to Vancouver was my saving grace.  It offered me the time to stop and smell the roses.  My tightly wound self had slowly been twisted over the years by anxiety, worry, concern of what others thought of me and lack of confidence in my job.  Most significantly it was a lack of confidence in myself.


The unwinding process, never as fast as the former, began with the help of yoga, meditation, looking up rather than being so preoccupied with life that I was face down, an awareness of what was around me and remembering who I actually was.  I’d forgotten the most important thing in my life, me.  This had crept up before I knew it as I had been roughly carried away on the rip tide of life.

I am always left wondering what would have happened if I had continued living with the stress levels I had.  The decrease in seizures was an obvious indication that I had made the right choice.  However, it was extremely difficult to let go having been so tightly wound.  I didn’t know what to do with my new found freedom, it just didn’t seem right to me.

For the importance that our jobs and lifestyles are, a healthy balance is needed.  Don’t be afraid to make the crucial changes that will preserve your health.  As my nanny wisely used to say, “If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything’.


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