The Deepest Darkest Corners


Attending Shabbat

I am repeatedly reminded of the invisible help which is at our fingertips that is often forgotten.  I spoke to people of a variety of faiths and thought how wonderful it must be to have a belief system that’s so strong.  This particularly comes to the fore as a support when times are hard.

Brought up a Christian, I never particularly resonated with the religion.  I remember as a child going through the motions in church but not having any type of connection with the big guy upstairs.  Visions of big sandaled feet, a flowing beige robe and a big bushy beard doesn’t really epitomize Christianity and no less what G-d looks like!  I remember the service book and with the many services I’d attended found that I could recite it by heart plus as a child I always mistook, ‘Thanks be to G-d’ as ‘Thanks Peter G-d’, after all, everyone has a first name, right?!

A number of years later I discovered Judaism.  My first encounter was in 1999 at a summer camp.  We kept kosher, celebrated Shabbat and learned many of the Hebrew songs.  It was then that a connection was forged.  I loved Judaism, I felt like it just made sense to me whereas Christianity had not.  Throughout my lifetime I have had the opportunity to take part in the Jewish traditions and rituals thanks to many special friends who are of the Jewish faith.  It felt so right that I began attending Synagogues of different denominations to discover which would be right for me.  I kept kosher and studied the Hebrew language with a view to converting.  However, it materialized that this was not my intended path.

It is important for me to clarify that this blog is my personal opinion and originates from the experiences I’ve had and my responses to them.  I am not imposing any of my personal beliefs upon others, nor am I being disrespectful or critical of others who seek and find comfort in their own faith.

One of the issues that I struggled with as I learned more about various religions was that at base level they are created by man.  It was at that stage I explored other, perhaps ‘unconventional’ beliefs, or in some cases lifestyles.   Tied in with the use of complimentary therapies, my clairvoyant abilities, finding solace in the earth and Mother Nature and with a lack of materialism, it was confirmed that I really didn’t conform to any religion!  I veered more to the spiritual side of life.

I don’t feel comfortable using the word G-d, I find ‘Spirit’ a more comfortable term as it doesn’t have associated connotations for me.  Spirituality has opened many doors.  Without a sense of constriction, I was able to gain knowledge in diverse areas.  I was able to take on board elements that felt right and that I wanted to live by.  This has expanded over the years with assorted components providing me with a firm grounding for all that I encounter.

It feels a very organic way to live as it spills over into countless parts of my life making it easier to comprehend and manage life events.  It assists with understanding why things happen, accepting ill health and being proactive in resolving it by knowing what approaches to use. I developed a heightened awareness enabling me to tune in with my body, recognizing what it’s telling me and honing the skills to listen and act upon it.

Louise Hay1

With an imminent surgical procedure in a few weeks, it’s the time to implement skills that I have learned along the way.  With the introduction of Louise Hay (thanks Mum!), there is the opportunity to explore deeper in to why this ailment has arisen.  Having read her first book, ‘Heal your body’, it offers an insight into ill health from a metaphysical perspective.

‘The word metaphysical means to go beyond the physical to the mental cause behind it’

An example of this is cancer.  The representation of cancer is:

‘Longstanding resentment.  Deep secret or grief eating away at the self.  Carrying hatreds.’

It’s now time to venture into the deepest darkest corners to evaluate life and discover what may have been suppressed or not dealt with.  Our bodies have an incredible way of providing warnings to remind us of issues we need to address.  By choosing not to listen, the warning returns but with greater severity until it reaches the point where it is deafening, taking complete control.

Unfortunately, there is much skepticism surrounding this theory but for those who have tried it, they simply add to the growing number of people who have had positive results.  Having practiced this previously with great success, there is a necessity to put it into practice once again and this time I will most certainly have my work cut out!



2 thoughts on “The Deepest Darkest Corners

  1. Religion=Edited teachings of previous Masters. So one can’t expect 100% accuracy. The truth actually lies within – the wisdom of the Higher Self. I love working with clairvoyants during my reiki sessions. They fill me in with what’s happening in the invisible dimensions! Have a great day! 🙂


    1. I quite agree! It’s wonderful that you combine both in your sessions, I’ve never experienced that so it must be very interesting. Thanks for your comments though it’s always good to hear another point of view particularly if it is a subject which can be controversial!


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